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Sunday, December 31, 2006

It's Curtains for Us

Yep, Big Boy finally bought that drill and hung curtain rods! Today he is working on the pictures and shelves. Piglet's room finally looks complete. It is great to finally get the curtains off the kitchen table (I left them there as a reminder that they needed to be hung!). I know, I am a liberated girl and I could have purchased the drill and hung the dang rods myself. However, I have a little problem - I don't do straight, level lines very well. I also have issues with centering. Apparently it is due to the astigmatism in my eyes. At least that is the excuse I like to use. Everything I hang ends up, well, um, cockeyed! Seriously, even the dogs can tell it is crooked. Big Boy is much more precise with these things. Plus, since I did most of the painting and all of the unpacking (400 tagged items!) I think the least of his household contributions should be curtain rod hanging. I usually help out by standing behind him and telling him how *studly* he looks with the drill. Ah, it is a great way to end the year!

Here is Piglet's 1-month photo. He has changed so much since birth. Seriously, I didn't think he would change this much. We *weighed* him on our scale at home by first weighing ourselves (a number I never wanted to see!) and then weighing holding him - Big Boy came up with 12 pounds and I came up with 11. We figure he is actually around 10. Yep, he's a porker. Most of his weight is in his belly and cheeks. I keep telling him that he looks like Marlon Brando. I tried combing his hair into a little mohawk but it is too fine yet. Maybe if I used some gel...

This will be the last post of 2006. What a wild and crazy year it has been! Happy New Year to all and to all a GOODNIGHT!