Knotty Purls

"Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica"

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Playing 'Possum

For me the hardest part of the middle of the night feedings is trying to get back to sleep after. I often lay awake for an hour or so. Last night I was exhausted so I headed to bed about 9:30 (Egads! That's old people time!) and took Baxter with me. I couldn't get to sleep - Big Boy making formula echoed through the house, Piglet was fussing and the dogs were restless. Baxter kept asking to go outside. At around 10:30 the bedroom door flew open and Big Boy came rushing in. He told me that Baxter could not go outside yet because this guywas in the backyard. He saw Calvin getting antsy in the living room and then heard a scratching on the back door. He knew it wasn't any of the dogs so he went over to check it out. Mr. Opossum was tapping on the glass asking to come in. I guess he figured out that Calvin was not an ally and scampered off. Welcome to the Suburban Jungle. We've seen Over the Hedge, we know he was just looking for a little Christmas snack. Calvin has a habit of *burying* food in the back yard. I put it this way because what he really does is scratch a 1" hole, drop in about 3 kibbles of food and then attempt to cover it with his snout. He does this in case the day comes when we neglect to feed him. Last night I caught him hiding his treasure in some leaves so I have no doubt his little friend came in search of the cache.