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Saturday, January 20, 2007

2007 National Delurking Week

I totally missed National Delurking Week. I guess I am just not "up" on the blogger happenings. So, I am declaring this 2007 National Delurking Week La Parte Dos. If you read my blog, leave me a comment to say hi! This is the perfect week since those who comment on January 26 (this coming Friday) will be in the drawing for a prize.

Knitting news - did everyone receive their copy of the latest Knit Picks catalog? There are some cool new books and gadgets that I think I just have to have. Ok, maybe they are not new but since I am, apparently, a day late and a dollar short, they are new to me :-) So, here are the items I probably can absolutely can't live without:

I have to say (and please people, don't write me nasty comments about this) that a lot of the patterns I am seeing lately are just plain ugly. They look, um, handmade. They resemble things my grandmother bought for me at K-Mart in the 70's. I know where I shop and what I like to wear and the knitting patterns right now are just not comparing. I have bought several patterns where the finished item is sooooo bulky. I swear, the model must have been a size -2 (which is strange for an industry that complains about that very thing) because the FO makes me look like a 400-pound snow bear (and I'm NOT that large...yet). I may have to stick with making scarves and leave the sweaters to Ann Taylor and Banana Republic.