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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Oooooo Swatchy Swatchy

Here is a swatch of my future Lady Eleanor. I managed to knit this up pretty quick last night. This yarn is so soft and not at all like cotton! The small amount of silk transforms this yarn. The big difference between Lily and other Noro yarns is the striping. Lily has small amounts of color instead of the long stripes normally found in Noro yarns. Because of this, Lady Eleanor is the perfect pattern! I wouldn't recommend it for something that requires striping. I have already figured out my cast on stitches and I think I will get started this afternoon.

Here is a question for you readers with ball winders. When you wind up a skein, do you leave the center cone in the ball of yarn so that it won't collapse on itself, or do you just pull the ball off and rewind later if needed?