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Monday, February 12, 2007

How Did You Spend Your Sunday?

We had Piglet in the emergency room all day yesterday. He has RSV. The poor little guy was poked and prodded and still kept smiling and sleeping. He was only upset when they had to draw blood and put on the oxygen mask. He finally settled down when they let him have his binky with his oxygen mask. So, now he has to have decongestant every 12 hours and Albuterol inhalant every 3 hours and we have to watch him closely for his breathing. Apparently RSV has a short incubation period so he likely picked it up last week at the mall or grocery store from some other child who didn’t stay home when they were sick. Piglet already had a small cold so it made him more susceptible to picking up this virus. The pediatrician told us to look at as building an immune system and now that we have the emergency room run under our belts we are officially parents. Big Boy is going out of town this week leaving me alone to deal with a sick kid – it’s a conspiracy I tell you!

So, our trip to the ER brought on some great stories. I just can’t help but look around and analyze people! First there was the guy who came in and had his hand down his pants holding onto his “goods”. One would assume he had some sort of tragic gonad accident but in fact he said he had been throwing up for days and was dehydrated and hoarse. The story gets better! When asked when he last ate and said “this morning, I had eggs, waffles, hash browns and some bacon”. If you are running to the bathroom (and he was. I had the pleasure of sitting next to the bathroom) why would you be eating all that at breakfast?

Then there was the family with a small child who was having blood drawn. I was so stunned by what I saw, I couldn’t move. The grandmother was lying over the child holding it down, the father was standing to the side and the mother was taking pictures with her cell phone. I’m sorry but if my child is to the point of being restrained, taking pictures is the farthest thing from my mind.

After hours of holding Piglet on that hospital bed my arm and butt were going numb so Big Boy took over and I got in a little knitting and a peruse of my Spring Interweave Knits. Not much called out my name. I did like the sweater in the ad for Filatura Di Crosa Porto Cervo Long Print. I also liked the articles on Bamboo, Joan McGowan-Michael (I’ve made a few of her designs and they are great!) and Eunny’s socks. I don’t know about using 5 skeins of Koigu but you could shorten them and leave off the tassels for fewer skeins. One thing about this issue that made me quite happy – different models! I kind of like the Slanted Neck Pullover as a casual spring sweater. I’m sorry but the Bandeau and Halter should have been left in that 1975 time capsule. I like the way the Bauhaus Fair Isle fits the model. In fact, this is one of the few men’s sweaters that make the man look like a man! I don’t do Fair Isle but I could see using the pattern in a plain yarn and Big Boy actually wearing it, however, it has steeks and I don’t do steeks! I also really like the sweater in the ad for Sublime by KFI and Shrug Me Tender by La Lana Wools.

Call me crazy (I know you will) but I really like the thong. The reason I have turned away from hand knit thongs before is because A) they were made from some terribly itchy yarn and B) it just isn’t sanitary. But, these are darn precious. I showed them to Big Boy and his face lit up like a little kid with an Easter basket. He asked if I could make it this week while he is gone. I am trying to figure out if I have any yarn in my stash that I could part with for something like this. I don’t think I am willing to give up the Artyarn Silk for this project!

I also received my Patternworks catalog today and I have very little good to say about it. Most of the patterns were dug up from 1950!

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