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Monday, January 29, 2007

She's a Winner Not a Wiener!

Here is Calvin selecting the winning name…
(Calvin got to choose as an alternative to stealing Piglet’s toys)

Drumroll please….

The winner is….

Amy of Knitty McPurlypants! A big congrats to Amy!

I was heading out to pick up your prize today but Piglet’s Dr. appointment took longer than planned and I didn’t have an extra bottle in the bag. We know exactly what we are buying so we will head out tomorrow. I will let Amy do the prize revealing on her blog – there, now ya’ll are forced to go check out Amy’s blog :-)

And now for our monthly Piglet fix…
He had his 2-month appointment today and he weighs a whopping 12 pounds. He is also up to 22 1/2 inches. In other words, he is short and fat with a huge head! Since he has been battling a cold for over a week we had to have a chest x-ray done. Not exactly easy with a baby who can’t sit up on his own. His shots went very smooth. They were done before he could get the first cry out and then he suddenly realized it no longer hurt. He actually liked the flavored syrup of the Rotavirus vaccination. He was hungry so he sucked it right down and then got mad that the nurse ran out!

So many frogs, so few lily pads!
I frogged the shrug on Friday. To show you just how long and bulky it was, this is a photo of the back and sleeves (it was all one piece), folded in half lengthwise and width wise. And here are the leftover frogs. I just wound it onto the ball winder as I went along and it took less than an hour to unravel the work of several months. I think I will use the yarn to make a wrap for the house since it is always cold in here.

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