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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Project Spectrum Wednesday

Blue is for the color of the ocean and my Big Boy's lips when he came out of the water. White is for the color of the caps on the ocean waves. Gray - well there was none this day. Big Boy and two friends participated in the Polar Plunge for Special Olympics this past Saturday. What started out as Big Boy's community service for his Officer of the Quarter resume turned into a full day of fun with friends. We had lunch with friends before heading to the beach. Then, after fighting the thousands who had turned out to plunge and cheer, we stood bundled, in the sand, watching normally sane people do the craziest thing - go into water that averages 40 degrees. This year the water was warmer than the temperature outside. Here is the best part - they went in twice. Our friend Matteo didn't get a picture the first time so they all went back in for the photographic proof that they actually did this. In case anyone needs more proof I can send over some smelly, wet, sandy shoes! The Piglet was the warmest of us all. He was snuggled in his car seat with his Bundle Me and handknit hat. He slept through lunch, the walk in the cold, the trudge down the beach, the plunge, the screaming, the trudge up the beach and the final walk to the car! He too needed proof that he was there.
And just in case you haven't had enough Piglet lately, here are his Valentine's Day photos.

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