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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Piglet Update

I will be very happy when the Piglet updates are once again about his height, weight and smile and not Doctor visits! Yesterday we hit pediatrics again and this time the Doctor told us that it looked like the bacteria in his blood sample was a contaminate, most likely from his skin not being sterile enough when they did the stick. No surprise since he was wiggling everywhere and it took three of us to hold him. He said no more antibiotics and we breathed a sigh of relief and headed home with a smiley baby.

At 1:00 this morning we got a call from Urgent Care saying that his blood work from Tuesday night had just come back and was showing infection and we would need to see Pediatrics today. Being that crazy hour and Big Boy not understanding all the details, we were confused. We assumed they had made a mistake. That's until Pediatrics called this morning to ask us to come back in. They still do not know the cause or strain of the bacteria and are hoping it is not Staph. If it is, he will have to be admitted for antibiotics but they are hopeful it is not since he no longer has a fever and he is happy, smiley baby again.

Thankfully I had already asked Big Boy to take the day off and care for Piglet. I am shit. My chest congestion and cough have spread to my nose and throat. Even if I felt up to caring for the little monkey, I am contagious and should not be around him when he is most susceptible to other crud. I haven't been this sick in years. I woke up this morning with the right half of my throat swollen closed and fire engine red. Big Boy called at the McDonald's to see if I wanted french fries and he knew I was really sick when I turned them down. McDonald's doesn't have soup. Thankfully we still have some Ramen Noodles in the pantry. My sweet husband made me some Jello. Of course I did manage to choke down one of the chocolates that came with the flowers Piglet sent me :-) So, I am confined away from Piglet but at least I have my trusty friend Baxter keeping me warm and cuddly.

I did manage a little knitting last night. I finally finished the 11 1/2 inches of ribbing on Angelina and started the bind off for the sleeves. I found an error in the pattern and strangely I haven't been able to find a recorded errata on it. I have emailed the company. I also started the hood on Piglet's hoodie from Debbie Bliss. I hope to post pictures soon. For now, I am off to eat my Jello!