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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Project Spectrum Wednesday

This is how I start my day… surrounded in a sea of white fluff. Annabelle sleeps in our room every night but doesn’t usually get on the bed until Charley gets up in the morning (that's her at the top of the bed). I think she knows her job is done for the night. Baxter and Calvin alternate sleeping in our room but every morning Baxter comes in and snuggles with mom. Don’t worry, Calvin gets to sleep up there on his nights. He also gets to go outside alone in the mornings and spend time with Big Boy – ALONE. This morning I woke up as the filling in a Pyr sandwich. Many mornings I have a tail in my face, paws in my back or no feeling in my legs from the giant head. But, I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

DISCLAIMER: Names and locations have been changed to protect my life.
This is the part where I will probably piss off a few people but, well, don’t really care. As a kid I was like every other girl and wanted to be friends with the popular people. As an adult I find that the last person I want to hang with is the popular one. Here’s the thing, if your group or friends are often called a “clique”, you probably are. Those who seem to deny it the most are those in the thick of it! This post has been a long time in the making as my irritation would ebb and tide. Several things have happened over the past week to make me put it all out there. The other night I was at a gathering and a woman I was talking to told me she was moving to the other side of the room because she wanted to be near her friend. After I finished vomiting I realized this was my opportunity to find someone less childish to talk to. I am on several lists and one in particular has a small group who alienate others. I don’t care if ya’ll are friends off list and email each other or get pedicures together or wax each other’s ass. The problem comes in when you have individual contact with each other but on a public list will post “Tammy, Donna and Harriet – look in your mailbox because I have sent you a present”. The other 300 readers do not need to know that you are sending presents to just your three friends. The only reason I can see for this is your insecurity and need for everyone to think you are so great. We don’t! At that moment, you tell the others that you only care about those few people. I would never walk into a department store, grab their intercom and announce that I am buying gifts for Tammy, Donna, and Harriet. That is essentially what happens here. But then again, I do things for my friends because I love them and not because I am trying to buy their love. At the same time, if you tell people you welcome their opinion and are open to discussing the situation, do not berate them when they give you their opinion. It is childish. If you don’t want opinions, then put up a disclaimer at the top of your site/list that says NO OPINIONS ALLOWED. Or better yet, just keep the conversation to the reason for the list, whether it is knitting, fire swallowing or the beheading of small mice (sorry, been singing a lot of Little Bunny Foo Foo).

So, on to good things…. Congratulations to Eunny Jang for her new position with Interweave Knits. I am so excited that someone young, talented and classy will be taking over. Now if Vogue would just get Wendy Bernard we would be all set in the knitting world.

Jayne has opened a new little store of hand dyed yarns. They are so pretty and cheerful. If you like something, buy it because it will be gone in a minute.

I did a little dyingdyeing last week but my colors were not as wonderful as Jayne’s. Of course, I only have four little pots and that Christmas Red is definitely Christmas Red. No matter how many times I rinsed the yarn, the red still comes off on my hands when I touch it. I think it makes me festive

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