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Monday, March 26, 2007

Project Spectrum Wednesday

Close up of the lace

This is Angelina. The top photo shows how she will look when she is seamed - kinda. The collar and sides will fold back. The arms will have about 9" of lace added on. I am just about done with the bottom lace. I worked the collar and bottom together for a while so that I could make sure the lace matched - one is worked on the right side of the lace, the other on the wrong. It is a little confusing! The photos do not really show how pretty the blue of the yarn is.

I finally broke down and ordered new needles. I love the Denise except when working with cotton or on the smaller sizes where the cable is the same diameter as the needle making it hard to move the stitches around. I have ordered some of the Knit Picks Options but I did not order the set. Instead, I picked the sizes I use the most and ordered those along with size 40 and 47 inch cables. Now that I have wandered into the world of Magic Loop I don't think I will use the smaller cables much. I also ordered sizes 1 and 2 of the permanent circulars. I am pretty excited about the new needles and hope I don't end up losing 400 stitches due to a bad join!

Joan asked if I was making Lady Eleanor starting on the long side. The answer is no. I had to turn the work so that the camera would not capture the giant pile of mail that Big Boy had been saving on the kitchen table. Plus, I haven't been able to work on it much and so right now it is more wide than long. In the end it will be 23" wide and 70" long. I have a way to go to get to the end!

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