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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Things No One Told Me...

No one told me that being a parent meant losing hours of my life waiting. Yesterday we spent five hours waiting at Urgent Care. Big Boy noticed that Piglet’s eye was red and watery yesterday morning but thought he had just poked it with a finger. As the morning progressed it got worse. He was crying and refused to open his eyes. The pediatric clinic was booked and they told me that life, limb and eyesight should go immediately to the nearest ER. I assumed that meant we would not wait long. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Apparently eyesight does not rank as high as vomit. You know you have been there a long time when the nurse comes out to call someone else and mentions seeing you there for at least the last three hours. Now he has little antibiotic eye drops and we have to take him back in today for a follow up – more waiting! I’m a good knitter though; I remembered to grab my Crumpet’s dress to work on. I had to finally put it away when I got frustrated at the Options needle coming unscrewed from the cable about three times.

The other thing no one told me… it can snow in April, in Southern Virginia. Yep! We got up this morning to snow on the ground and more in the sky. My Baxter has never seen snow. On Tuesday it was in the 80’s and today it is snowing :-( Go Figure! I miss the warm weather!

What is this cold stuff?

Let's play "Where's Baxter"!


Snow Spa

At least my stick is still here!

This is my latest dyeing attempt. I think I shall call thee Easter Basket or Jelly Bean because you remind me of the fun colors of an Easter Basket, especially now that I am too old for an Easter Basket (except if it holds diamonds or a new car – hint hint Big Boy).

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