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Friday, April 27, 2007

Gifts and Fo's

I received the most precious gift this week! The postman brought this to my front door...

Each square was done by a different person over at the Elann chat site! I have proper thank you notes in the works for each of you but in the meantime a huge thank you to Libby, Betsy, Amy QOY, Barbara, Benne, Bri, Daryl and Trish!!!

Back of dress

Front of dress

Finally! This is the little Crumpet's dress from Chiagu. Details:
Needles: Size 5 and a cable needle
Yarn: Sonata and Esprit from Elann. The pattern calls for Lion Brand Cotton Ease and then adding elastic at the top. I used the Esprit, and elastic yarn, instead. The yarns are a different gauge so I had to adjust to get the finished chest the right size.
Size: 6 months. The baby was just born and is really tiny so she probably won't wear this for a while!
Accessories: Ribbon. The pattern also calls for beads on the bodice but I left them off. Next time I will definitely include them!
Notes: I did the Picot Cast On and the Picot Cast Off. Unfortunately I forgot the knit round between the eyelet round and the increase round on the skirt so weaving the ribbon was a little more difficult.

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