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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Knitter's Coffee Swap 2

I think I need to head to Vegas! I recently joined the Knitter’s Coffee Swap and out of 99 other people to be matched with, I got Amy. I know Amy. Amy is from my San Antonio Stitch n Bitch! Amy won my drawing a few months ago. I am very excited about this!

Knitter’s Coffee Swap 2 Questions!

  1. Whole bean or ground? Ground – my grinder died a few weeks ago. Plus, these days I don’t have time to grind the coffee myself.
  2. Fully loaded or decaf? Bring on the heavy-duty, leaded coffee.

  3. Regular or flavored? Either one is fine for me. I rarely buy the same flavor twice because I like to have a little variety.

  4. How do you drink your coffee? With cream and sugar.
  5. Favorite coffee ever? Probably Kona - Big Boy sent some to me when he was living in Hawaii and I was freezing my ass off in Maine.

  6. Are you fussy about your coffee or will any old bean do? I am kind of fussy I guess. I like Starbucks, Ghirardelli and stuff like that.

  7. Favorite treats to have with your coffee? Anything really. During Stitch & Bitch I will often have a chocolate chip cookie or toffee caramel square.

  8. Anything else about your coffee preferences? Hmmm, don’t think so.

  9. Yarn/fiber you love? Well, I like just about anything. There are a lot of new fibers out there that I haven’t tried yet and I am anxious to give them a try.

  10. Yarn/fiber you hate? Red Heart Acrylic!

  11. What's on your needles? Icarus, Angelina, a sock, a Christmas stocking Lady Eleanor. I think that’s it for now.

  12. Favorite colors? Pinks, purples and blues.

  13. Allergies? Nope

  14. Anything you really love, really don't like, or just need to get off your chest? Can’t think of anything at the moment.

I didn’t get to finish the WIP update because spring finally arrived. On Friday Piglet and I invaded the local Lowe’s and stocked up on flowers and veggies. Now I hurt. I trimmed shrubs, cleaned out weeds and planted. Big Boy did his share too but he thinks anything that involves color should be left to the girl. The fact that he does any yard work is a miracle because his family had a gardener for most of his life. Anyway, Piglet was a big help. LOL! He spent his weekend relaxing on the front porch and talking to the ferns. It was great to be outside and enjoying sun and fresh air! And Piglet finally got to wear some of his shorts!

On Saturday night we got a sitter and took in a movie and dinner. If you love Will Ferrell and you don’t mind a little crude humor you have to see Blades of Glory. I laughed until my stomach hurt. Here’s the thing… Will Ferrell has been around a while. His type of humor is well known or so I thought. People had their children at the movie. Some were not old enough to get the jokes but they were old enough to get the bad language. Others were old enough to understand the jokes but too young to be exposed to them. Then there was the woman behind me who kept saying “Oh My” every 5 seconds. I guess she didn’t see Old School or Wedding Crashers prior to seeing this movie. I needed a stress free movie after the past week.

I managed to get in a little knitting. Unfortunately Piglet has decided he does not want his late afternoon nap anymore and that was my prime knitting time. I guess I need to try keeping him awake more during the morning – maybe he can start helping with laundry!

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