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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Cheep Cheep

We have babies! There are several little fuzzballs in the nest. I assume all five eggs hatched but it is really hard to tell since they are all piled on top of each other. When I peeked the other day there was just a little fuzz and a whole egg. I gave them a few days undisturbed and checked again today. After I took this first photo I did a little yard work and then came back to see if I could get a better look. Can you see it? A little, tiny, yellow beak! Honestly, I’m not one for birds – they can’t be potty trained (I have been used as a potty one too many times.) – but it is hard to resist that perfect little nest and those fuzzy little heads. I feel for the momma bird – feeding five noisy kids, bathing five noisy kids, and trying to give attention to five noisy kids. Can you tell it has been a rough day? The dogs have four legs that is twice as many as the child. That makes three dogs the equivalent of six children. Then there are the needs of the two-legged child. I’m exhausted!

To top off my day the knitting hasn’t been too pleasant. Mostly because I lack the ability to read directions (it is clear I am not cut out for home schooling). I had worked two and a half rounds of Crumpets when I realized that I screwed up the previous round. I tinked. Then as I was restarting round two I realized that I had also screwed up the previous round. I tinked. Two rounds. 186 stitches each. If I keep screwing up the little girl won’t get to wear this until NEXT summer.

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