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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I'm Bleeding Over Here

I finished Monica last week. I washed it in a little Euclan and laid it on a towel to block. Yesterday I went in to admire my handiwork and there it was… bleeding. Actually, it was more that the color wicked up into the ruffle. I had been afraid of bleeding so I blocked the ruffle up. Like this... It didn’t matter. I have rewashed it several times in hopes of the teal washing out. It didn’t. So, now I am left with a few choices. None of them terribly appealing.

  1. I can remove the ruffle since it is knit separately.
a. After removing the ruffle I can wash the hell out of the teal portion to remove the excess color and then knit another ruffle in white and attach.
b. I can knit another ruffle in the same teal (if I have enough) and make a one-color piece that isn’t quite as cute.

2. I can try to dye the whole garment and hope it over dyes and does not look like a huge mess. This options terrifies me.


Last night at SnB I frogged Icarus (this was after I ran out of yarn for the top of Crumpets and spilled beads all over the floor). I have decided to make Eunny's Print O' The Wave Stole. I'm a little scared!

I have some sad news on the baby bird front. Yesterday I noticed that the nest was empty and then I saw a little bit of fuzz in the plant. The fuzz was moving so I left it alone hoping that mama bird would come back to rescue the baby that had fallen from the nest. Later on I checked it again and baby had turned itself around so all I could see was a little leg. Today I checked and the little leg is in the same position as yesterday and all does not look healthy in there. I don't know what to do about the, um, corpse. Personally, I'm not eager to touch it. Ack!

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