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Monday, June 25, 2007

Swatchy Swatchy 5 Dolla

This is what I received from Sarah’s Yarns! For $4.90 I got enough yarn to make a decent sized swatch; in a color that is easy to see stitches; tagged with the gauge, fiber make up and color; a price list; and color cards of Sarah’s own branded yarns. Her cashmeres are delicious! I think I am going to use the Bamboo to make the Perfect Periwinkle Tube Turtleneck sweater from Fitted Knits – some day. This yarn is sport and the pattern calls for worsted so I have to do the math. You know, if someone had told me that I would end up with a hobby that requires math I would have paid attention back in the 9th grade. Maybe then I could tell you if the train leaving Chicago and heading west would get to Boston before the stagecoach carrying the yarn from Knit Picks!

Ok, enough of that… on to the good stuff… I finally got my Ravelry invite! I am on there as KnottyPurls. I am so excited!!!!! I loaded in two of my projects last night but then got caught up in finding friends, then got caught up in looking at people’s projects, then got caught up in looking at people’s yarns. Do you see a pattern here? At midnight I realized I had not blinked in a while and the Piglet would be up in a few hours and he doesn’t care about knitting. Am I a bad mother for choosing to skip the park today in favor of Ravelry time? Will it help if I mention that the other mother’s at the park are kinda like junior high? Will it help if I tell you that it is going to be 89 degrees at park time? A Ravelry side note... you do not need a blog to join! So, you non-bloggers, get your name on the list!

I hope to have a FO to show you very soon. Crumpets is still drying and then I need to put on a few straps and she is good to go.

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