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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Warning... Lots of stuff!

This month’s Project Spectrum colors are Red, Black and Metallic so it is only fitting that I use it to post a congrats to the San Antonio Spurs for their win last week, making them the 2007 NBA World Champions. Living in San Antonio you can’t help but get caught up in the Spurs fanfare. Watching the end of the game made me a little sad that we were not there to join our neighbor’s party!

So, knitting is making a slow but steady progress. I have many more inches to go on Crumpets. I keep going around and around and around and…

Monica is done! The final product is cute, again. As you will remember, this is the tank that had the color bleed problems. Before vacation I removed the ruffle and washed the blue body again, three times, with vinegar. It still had color coming out. Last week I washed it three more times with color still coming out. Last Thursday Christine (who is working on the never ending shrug) suggested I run it through the washing machine. Even though the instructions are for hand wash I figured I had nothing to lose. So, I popped it onto some dental floss and threw it into the washer on delicate with some Woolite and a color catcher. The color catcher came out very blue. So, I ran it through another rinse cycle with another color catcher and this time it came out exactly as it went in. When I hold up the body against the leftover yarn there is a definite difference in the color, which shows just how much color ran out of this yarn. I am contemplating contacting the Brown Sheep Company to complain! The details of this FO will be posted under the link for my 2007 finished projects.

I still have many more projects on the needles and I am starting to feel the pressure of finishing what I have started. Let’s see, the list includes:

Finish sock #2 in the Jitterbug
Finish the sleeves on Angelina (this has been waiting on a pair of Knit Picks Options needles. A group of us were going in together to save the shipping but KP has repeatedly delayed the CotLin’s arrival)
Lady Eleanor
Print ‘O The Wave shawl in Alpaca Cloud
Piglet’s Christmas stocking.

Did I mention that I had frogged the stocking? Well, I did. Now, I am recharting the entire pattern in hopes of correcting all the mistakes before they happen. I know, it would be easier to find a new pattern!

In other news, fellow SnB’er MaryAnne turned us on to Sarah’s Yarns last night. Sarah will send you a small sample of a yarn that is enough to make a swatch. The cost – the cost of shipping - $4.90 by Priority Mail. That’s it! Today I ordered a sample of her Bamboo to try out in hopes of using it for the Tubey Turtleneck in Fitted Knits. I am happy to spend $5 and get a sample to test rather than spend $50 and get yarn that won’t work for a project.

On a final note… Can you guess what this is? If you guessed Baxter, you would be correct. This is just five minutes of brushing tonight. This photo does not show the pile of Calvin. Calvin didn’t lose as much in the brushing because he has dropped most of it on my living room floor. Ugh! I hate coat-blowing season.

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