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Friday, July 13, 2007

A little update

Believe it or not, knitting has been taking place. I am at row 82 of Mystery Stole 3. I really want to be caught up with everyone else; not because it is a race, but because what I see is so pretty that I want mine to look that way too. It isn’t a race! I hope to finish clue 1 today so I will only be 1 clue behind. If you haven’t checked out Melanie’s other patterns, please do. They are gorgeous! Hanami and Moon Dance are my favs. Of course, all lace knitting has to take place when most of the house is sleeping!

I have problems with blocking. Quite often I get pulling on the straight edge and it really bugs me. I know, it is my Type A coming out – I totally dig straight lines. Yesterday I went in search of welding rods. I didn’t find them. Neither did Jenn. This afternoon I am going to try the sporting goods store to see if I can find a solution while I am looking for sneakers. “Yes, I would like this shoe in a size 7 and BTW, do you have anything that will help my stole look pretty”.

Angelina is in a time out of sorts. I blocked her last week and well, she grew. A LOT! How do I get her back to normal?

Ok, kids. Piglet and I are off to have lunch with Big Boy and then head to the sporting good store .

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