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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Editor's Note: Blogger will not allow me to put in a title today. Ugh!

My cone of Zephyr and 2 different beads to try

The swatch with the flash

Swatch without the flash - can you see the beads?

Yarn – check
Beads – check
Needles – check
Pattern – check
Crochet Hook – che… oh crap!

I was so excited to get home yesterday and find my yarn had arrived. I sat down to swatch. I needed to see which beads would look best with my yarn and which needle was going to give the best fabric. I have a little, itty, bitty crochet hook. I mean, it’s the size of a pin, it has to be the right size for the beads. Ugh! I tried using dental floss instead of a crochet hook but that was just painful. Bright and early this morning I headed off to Michael’s in search of the world’s smallest crochet hook. I have two different beads and I think I like the one on the right side of the photo best. It blends into the yarn but yet reflects the light enough to be noticeable when you want to be noticed.

In the meantime I swatched for Tomato. I would like to use Sonata because I have it on hand. I just have to get the numbers together and plug them into the hand dandy gauge multiplier.

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