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Friday, July 06, 2007

Doing The Happy Dance!

Front - Collar will be wider after blocking


Close Up of Lace

Angelina is done! This has been a long project and I finished it with mixed emotions. Glad to be done with it and finally able to wear it but sad that the process is over. Big Boy wanted to take pictures last night but I asked him to wait until I was wearing make up and not pajamas. Details?

  • Needles: Size 5, 7 and 10. Also, size 1 for picking up stitches.
  • Yarn: Barkarole from Austermann (16 skeins). This yarn is a blend of Merino, Silk and Cashmere. I bought it on Elann a while back and wish I had purchased more. This yarn is so beautiful!
  • Notes: Oh boy! This pattern had a lot of problems. Some of the instructions were not clear and I had to decipher what the designer meant. I used a lot of lifelines! Some of the instructions were just plain wrong and the designer was made aware of them several years ago and STILL has not changed the pattern. While this is a great sweater, I don’t think the pattern is quite worth what she charges, especially to have not been proofread!
Here is where I need a little help from my friends. I need a pin to close the front and I want just the right one. Here are a few from Etsy that I really like. Keep in mind that I would have the beads changed to either match the sweater or to clear. I don’t want to take away from the beautiful lace.

The other day Joan asked if I was watching the mini trial on Court TV. I caught a portion yesterday. I had turned off Court TV when I found out the Spector trial would be dark. I could not handle one more interview with a washed up actress/singer or over processed hairdresser. Nor could I stand one more reference to the victim as an “aspiring actress” – she had been acting in Hollywood for over 20 years – she was not longer “aspiring”! And, why oh why can’t Court TV find a photo of the victim more recent than circa 1985? At least I haven't had to watch Nancy Grace or that weird guy that occasionally fills in for her.

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