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Monday, July 23, 2007

Rockin' Girl Bloggers

Sometimes you just have a good day. This morning during my blog roundup I discovered that Jen named me a Rockin’ Girl Blogger. I’ve always known I was Rockin’ but have been waiting for Big Boy others to admit it. LOL! So, now I have to bestow the title to 5 other female bloggers. I had to get more coffee before making this decision. Here goes:

Susan – because after this move she deserves a happy title! And because I need to stay in good graces so Boogie will marry Piglet :-)
Janna – because she has the cutest cat pictures. And, she is a genuinely nice person.
Joan – Joan keeps me in stitches; the laughing kind! She helped get me addicted to Court TV with her graphic descriptions of the Nurse Hatchet trial.
Minni-Knits – the girl approaches dating with a sense of humor.
Amy – the best Coffee Swap partner a girl could have. Plus, she knit all those dang fish – she deserves a special title!

Yesterday I got to go shopping – ALONE. Ok, it was just to Bed, Bath and Beyond and Target but still, it was – ALONE! Our BB&B has changed. They have a whole new Beyond section that contains beauty items AND a whole section dedicated to travel sizes. I love me some minis. To top off my good day I scored some new pillows for $12.99 each. Over the years I have purchased the $75, down filled, hypo allergenic, kissed by Elvis pillows and they all end up exactly the same way so I figured this time around I would save a little money. Target called my name. It didn’t have to call loudly. It is Back-to-School season and for someone like me the school supply aisle is like Mecca. The smell of new notebooks, the shiny new pens, the perfect erasers, the bright sticky notes… Mmmmm. There are so many cool things now. When I was a kid the best thing to come around was the Trapper Keeper and the erasable ink pens – WooHoo!

Oh, back to the good day. We scored a jumperoo for Piglet for $30. He loves it. Mostly he loves lights and music that come from shaking the bear. I love the Off button :-) Last night we took him to Chili’s where my normally shy little man became sociable and provided entertainment for all. When he wasn’t trying to share his beads with the people at the next table he was sucking on his French Fry. He was also trying to give his beads to the young waitresses. I informed him that A) he is way too young to share his beads; B) this is not Mardi Gras or even New Orleans for that matter; and C) if he ever does give out his beads, for real, I DO NOT want to know about it. You know you have reached a new level of insanity when your normally shy husband is willing to sing out loud in public to entertain your child :-)

I got in a few rows of MS3 without tinking. Now that is a really good day! Not to mention our temps were a tolerable, even chilly, 85 degrees.

Here is a truly finished photo of Angelina. I opted to go with the martini pin. If you ever need some cool stuff go to Ruby Vegas over on Etsy. The service was outstanding. I got it in two days and they sent a free pin! It is a sample of a pin they have coming out in the fall and they are trying to get the word out. Remember how I said that the sweater grew with washing? I do have to pull the sleeves up when wearing. This is not a sweater to wear during diaper changes!

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