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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Great Pumpkin Charley Brown

Check out my cute little pumpkin! On Saturday we took Piglet over to the pumpkin patch at a local church, where Big Boy insisted we get a tall pumpkin so he could carve it. Say What? In 10 years of marriage Big Boy has never carved a pumpkin. He never even mentioned that he had pumpkin carving skills. Imagine my shock, fascination and fear! This is what he came up with. Isn’t it cute? It has one of those push on lights inside so that people can see it from the street at night. Now, you are probably thinking that it is really cool that he colored one of the eyes and several of the teeth black. Mmmm, nope. This morning I went into the dining room to turn off the light and take photos only to discover the pumpkin was turning moldy. All during this photo session I kept telling Piglet to not touch the pumpkin! Jack (as in O’ Lantern) has since been moved to the front porch and I suspect he won’t be living here much longer! Oh, in case you can't read his shirt, it says "I'm so cute it's scary". Yep, he's right!

Ok, I have tried endlessly to insert a video of Piglet and his pumpkin but it didn't work out so you will just have to follow this link instead... The version I have on my desktop is much better quality but still...

I heart Ravelry. I'm addicted. There, I said it. But, do you know why I love Ravely? It is purely selfish. I get hearted over there. Yep, it does my ego good to look at my notebook and see that people have hearted my projects. Better yet, everyone who is on Ravelry can see that my projects are hearted. Other than Ravelry I am still on my people hating kick and am contemplating hermitville. :-)

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