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Monday, October 01, 2007

Around the World in 5 Days

Ok, I didn’t quite go around the world but I did go here…A view from our balcony

Last Saturday I flew to Vancouver, BC, Canada and met up with three other cool chicks…

On Sunday, three of us toured around the city, shopping and eating. Vancouver has tons of both and we did a great job spending money on both :-)

On Monday the fourth chick caught up with us and we boarded the Coral Princess for a cruise to San Francisco. I have never been on a cruise and this was a great way to try it out for the first time. Even on a boat this large you still feel movement so I was very sporty in my motion sickness bands!Back of the boat
Front of the boat
There was more shopping and dining. The cruise has a 24-hour buffet and I was considered an amateur compared to my friends.

We hit San Francisco on Wednesday morning and guess what we did? Yep, more shopping and eating! By the time my plane left on Wednesday night I was tired from head to toe!

Have I mentioned that we had never met before this trip? Ain’t the Internet wonderful? We all met on an adoption group online. Two of us have completed our adoptions and two are still waiting. The invite went out to a whole bunch of girls but the four of us were the only ones crazy brave enough to say, “count me in”.

So, where was Piglet during this time? Home with Big Boy. Yep! They had a great time. They went to the park, Home Depot, out to watch football, story time at the library and Costco. They had hamburgers for dinner; probably every night even though Big Boy says only one night. The house needed a good scrubbing, the fridge was empty and Piglet was wearing shorts he outgrew in June but they had a great time together and that is all that matters.

Leaving them behind for a few days was better than any drug prescribed. It was great to have no cares except (whether I would be warm enough; it was cold in Vancouver), and to laugh at crazy, stupid stuff. Trust me, taking “ME time” is great for your whole family!

While playing in Vancouver I noticed one main thing - people there like scarves. I wore my Swan Lake but as a scarf and not as a stole. It kept me warm and toasty. So, I came home and added about 10 scarves to my Ravelry queue and intend to start on Argosy tonight using the Sea Silk that Amy sent me! Oh, I also got to wear the Ribbed Lace Bolero and it was great!

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