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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Stockings, Swatches and Scarves

Last night I had my first baby/yarn near tragedy. I was swatching along for Piglet’s sweater and suddenly one of the strands felt like it was caught on something. So, I pulled. And, it pulled back. You guessed it. Piglet had and end and thought this whole tug-o-war thing was quite hilarious. I guess my days of knitting while the boy is awake are over for a few years.

Speaking of Piglet’s sweater… here is the swatch for his sweater…
It is Fibonacci (thank you MaryAnne and Jen) - a three-row sequence of four colors. Make sense? Didn’t make much sense to me either until I started working on the swatch. Sometimes ya just gotta have faith! The yarn is Cotton Fleece. I need to go down to a size 4 needle (swatch is in size 5) because I don't like how drapey the yarn is. For a boy who is in constant movement the sweater will need a tighter knit. Plus, I need to learn how to better carry my yarns. Check out the back of the swatch - EEK!

His stocking is nearly done. Do you think the stocking is large enough? (You can click on the photo to get a larger image and see just what the tape measure reads) LOL! At least it will hold all the underwear and socks he will get as an older kid. I have had to rewrite the edge piece because as written it looked like crap. Can you see the eyelets? Nope? That’s ok, you aren’t really meant to see them. They are small enough to hide once this thing is sewn on but also large enough to weave a ribbon through if I so decide.

My final piece worth showing… Argosy.
I really like this pattern and I ‘specially love this yarn. Amy, queen-o-the-fish sent it to me in the Coffee Swap. It is yummy AND it smells good.

This week I had a coupon for Barnes & Noble and guess what popped into my bag?

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