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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The one where she is a little crazy...

The other night I thought I was losing my mind. I kept hearing a strange sound outside my bathroom window. Big Boy said that he had turned off the sprinklers so that wasn't it. The sound was too even to be Annabelle snoring. My fear was that something was living outside (and despite Big Boy's suggestion, I did not go outside in the cold dark to see what it might be) or under my whirlpool tub. I heard it two days in a row and was about to call Ghostbusters to come help when I found the source. Piglet's stuffed cow. Yep, cow has had a bad case of Insanus Bovinus ever since it arrived here. Calvin's attempts to revive him have only served to increase his unpredictability but now the random MOO's are more muted.

To add to my frustration, I finished Piglet's stocking. I know, after a year, that should not be frustrating. I attached the trim for the second time only to discover that I seamed the trim in the front of the stocking instead of the back. Now it is back in timeout while I decide if it is worth removing it or not.
The one piece of sanity in this house is that I did the sleeves to Piglet's sweater separately and somehow they came out the same length! This has never happened before! Now I have to attach them and work the yoke. Maybe it will be done in time for Thanksgiving.

As for the Thanksgiving knitting... I have been giving it some thought. I know it is still two weeks away but one has to have a plan. We have a 10-hour drive ahead of us as well as four nights in a hotel. I think I will cast on for Tangled Yoke using the Highland Silk from my stash. You would think that with Grandma and Grandpa around I would get more knitting time in, but it is doubtful. Instead I will be chasing the Piglet around, keeping him out of the fireplace, trash can and off the stairs.

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