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Friday, October 26, 2007

So what's new with you?

The other day Knitiot Savant had a great post about how we sometimes blog out of obligation and not because we have something great to say. Oh boy was she right! Sometimes I think that I should go blog about something but don’t because it would likely be boring or I don’t feel like taking pictures or the pictures are on the computer that is in the office and what I really feel like doing is being the boob in front of the tube. Or, I have absolutely nothing knitting related (seriously do you want to see those four rows of stockinet that I finished?) and I think y’all must be sick of the Piglet.

Ok, I know you aren’t sick of Piglet so here is a little photo array of our Wednesday. We started out at the local Farmer’s Market where the mom’s group got together for a puppet show, hayride and pumpkin picking.

After that it was all downhill. Later that afternoon I caught him standing up all on his own. Yep, he will be going to college tomorrow.

In the last post I mentioned being on a people hating kick… I am at a stage where I am tired of the drama. I love the different forums on Ravelry but I hate the people who just take everything too seriously and start drama. I am tired of the people who see criticism of an establishment and threaten to sue for libel (and you know who you are bitches). You know the type - they believe in freedom of speech until they don’t agree with what is said. And then there are those who always seem to be in the same mess and don't realize the problem is with themselves. Well, that is my soapbox for this week...

There has been some knitting going on. Let’s see… Print O' The Wave is sitting in a bath now and will block later this evening so that I can find those edge stitches to pick up; I am ready to attach the top edge to Piglet’s ginormous stocking; Lady Eleanor is still plugging along - I don’t think it will ever be finished.

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