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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Have you seen my mojo?

I seem to have misplaced it. Not just my knitting mojo. My, well, everything mojo. True, I haven’t felt like knitting much over the past few weeks but I also haven’t felt like blogging, reading, cooking or cleaning. So, what have I done? Um, played computer games. I tried blaming it on the holiday rush but truth is, I think it is more than that. Maybe it is that parenting a one year old is such a joy; you know, what with the whining because his food isn’t on the right plate, and the whining because his cup has milk and not juice, or the whining because he isn’t allowed to bang on the computer, or the constant picking up of the Tupperware (thanks Jen!) that has exhausted me. Or maybe It is knowing that the coming year will be a difficult one that I’d rather not face. In March my Big Boy will leave for San Angelo for two months of training so that he can leave us in June to spend six months in Afghanistan.

But, you guys came here to hear the good stuff. Yes, Piglet had a great Christmas. He is now the proud owner of a rocking horse; five new books; a shape sorter that talks and thankfully, has an off button; a dashboard that makes all sorts of car sounds and, thankfully, has an off button; a ride on toy; a Little People school bus that is politically correct with a kid in a wheelchair, but, has no off button; and, a bunch of other goodies as well. On Christmas Eve he left Santa some applesauce cake and found a love for it himself. Check out his stocking with a new "backup" lion.

I scored a Tom Tom navigation system, two different gift certificates, and this bracelet from Etsy (sorry, I couldn’t get a good picture at home).

What little knitting has been done has been somewhat depressing. I love the Lady Eleanor in the Sea Silk. In fact, I downright adore the Sea Silk. However, this pattern sucks yarn faster than California can fall into the ocean. I will likely have to buy a second skein.

Clapotis is coming along nicely and I think the decision to frog the original Lady Eleanor was a good one. My plan is to give it to a friend who has a birthday on January 12. Will I be done in time? Not likely! I have to put in quite a few more of the straight row repeats to get it long enough.

Finally, there is Tangled Yoke. The first sleeve is huge. Right now it is measuring about 2” larger than my wrist and it fits comfortably over another sweater. My original plan had been to wear it over a tank top but a recent bout with contact dermatitis (with an unknown cause) has made me think I will need a long sleeved shirt with the wool. This leaves me contemplating whether or not I really need to frog the sleeve or not. I am on a mission to finish this sweater. You see, MaryAnne has promised me lunch at Panera if I finish it and wear it to Stitch and Bitch. This deal came as the result of a conversation in which she pointed out that I never wear anything that I make; mostly I give it all away because I either make the wrong size (I have been fooling myself for a while now) or I don’t like the pattern once I get started, or I just plain ‘ole screw it up - what can I say, life is a constant learning curve.

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