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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Birthdays, Haircuts and Frogs... Oh My!

My little Piglet had his first birthday last week. I can hardly believe it. To celebrate we had some chocolate cake (picked out by Big Boy and oddly, had flowers on it).
And the next day we hit the salon for a first haircut. Turns out he had way more hair than we thought - it was just all on the top of his head. So, now he is sporting a more even, little boy haircut. He was such a good boy. He sat on the booster and was quite happy to watch himself in the mirror. Mommy had a hard time not crying!

Knitting news... Well, I did it. I frogged and frogged and hopped on the lily pad before the pond froze over. So far I am loving the Lady Eleanor scarf in the Sea Silk. The colors are blending nicely.

The Noro Lily is going to make a beautiful Clapotis when I get around to starting it. This yarn is a joy to frog and wash. It was all crinkly in the water until I pulled it up and all the crinkles fell out with the weight of the water - it was the most amazing thing I have ever seen. I still have a few more skeins to ball and then I will be on my way to clappyville.
I thought I would sneak in a photo of my Tangled Yoke in its very early stages. I hope it fits once it is done (stop laughing MaryAnne!) as I think I have gained weight since I started it... on Thanksgiving. LOL!

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