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Friday, March 21, 2008

I think I tangled my yoke

I really have been knitting these past few weeks. I figured it was time I proved that to all. First up is the Tangled Yoke sweater from Eunny. I think I may have messed it up though. See, I used a size 4 needle on the body to get gauge. When I got to the yoke portion I went up to a size 5 needle because I was afraid the cabling would pull in too much, making the shoulders way too tight (plus my shoulders are wider than any other part of my body). Now, I'm afraid they may be too large. So, here is my question to ya'll... do I rip out those 36 rows of cabling and go back to the smaller needle or do I just switch now to the smaller needle and finish up hoping that it won't look too big.
The second project is Hemlock from Jared Flood, et al. I am doing it in the Ecological Wool from Cascade. I think I am about halfway through the chart now. This is a great television/SnB (if I ever get there to knit without Piglet) knit because you only have to pay attention every fifth row!

The final project is this... This is the one that occupies most of my time. Actually, I spend lots of time trying to figure out ways to occupy HIS time. Now that he is walking he is getting more and more brave each day, and I am getting more and more tired. Tomorrow we are off to an Easter egg hunt. As long as it isn't raining, I hope to have great pictures and great candy!

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