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Monday, January 30, 2006

Yarn Rangers

You will notice that I have a new item in the sidebar. It is my Yarn Ranger status. The gang on the Elann chat site decided that we have all spent way too much money on yarn over the holidays and we are now on a yarn diet. The goal is to knit 1000 yards a month for 3 months. You can't buy any new yarn until you have reached 3000 yards knit from your stash. This is going to be hard as the new summer yarns are coming soon. I didn't think I would get through 1000 yards this month but the sweater really helped. Once I finish Triangle I will be halfway through February's goal. Oh, thanks to all at last night's SnB, who helped me figure out the seaming of Triangle. I'm really not that dumb - just a little challenged in some areas.

I think I should fill you in on how I came about the name for my blog. Well, it is a take off Naughty Girls (in case you didn't figure that out already), because that is how I like to think of myself. Not "naughty" as in crack pipes and bank robberies but "naughty" as in wearing bright red lipstick to work or having a Margarita for lunch or sending cryptic sexy emails to DH from the work computer. Just a little bit unconventional and stepping "outside the box". We spend so much of our lives fulfilling what others expect of us that it is fun to do things that break the mold.