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Friday, February 03, 2006

It's a Brenda Kind of Day

I was driving around yesterday thinking that it was the exact kind of day my mom always loved. Bright, sunny, warm; the kind where you open the windows and drive with the top down; the kind where you think everything in the world is going to be ok; the kind that gives you hope for spring and you feel renewed. She died almost 14 years ago but days like yesterday and today make me realize she is still with me, just in my heart. I was reading a magazine the other day and the article was "Are you like your mother?". I started thinking and realized that I am a lot like her but I am more of the person she always wanted to be. I am independent, able to take care of myself, I know when to stand up and when to stay back and I know who I am. I have a husband that I love, but he doesn't define me or control me. I have goals and I don't let anyone tell me that I can't accomplish them. We are very different in one category - housekeeping! My mom vacuumed nearly every day and now my husband does it once a week. I sit here looking at dust and it doesn't really bother me; she would have running for the Pledge!

On to knitting news. I finished the Triangle bag. Well, sort of. I felted it 2x last night and this morning decided that it needed one more go. Here it is blocking. I had seamed the bottom corners into the bag as instructed but they didn't hold and popped out about 5 minutes into the first wash. I will have to tack them again after it dries. I am a little disappointed in the way the Cascade 220 felted. It is quite hairy. I've never had yarn felt so hairy before.

Now, you might ask why Mickey Mouse is in this photo. Well, that is the flower after felting. I am glad I bought the cool button at Hill Country Weavers. I think it is going to be very cute once it is dry but not as cute as Susan's. At least now people at Stitch n Bitch won't make fun of us for dressing alike.