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Sunday, February 05, 2006

FO's in the house

And a UFO too! I finished up Wavy yesterday. I was nearly done and managed to stay awake until midnight last night to finish it. Of course, I will not be wearing it anytime soon as it has been in the 70's here. A few specs on this little darling... I used Blue Sky Alpaca sport in 2 different shades of pink/purple (2 skeins each) which I purchased at Hill Country Weavers last fall. They also have it at our Yarn Barn but not the same shades. Needles were size 5. This yarn is yummy! It knits up so nice and soooo soft. Their color selection on this yarn is incredible-27 shades!

I am also nearly finished with the first of two baby sweaters. This little one is due to arrive in May so I decided on a cotton from Knit Picks. This is my friend, Kim's fourth kid - yep, you read that right. It is supposed to be a girl but we all know how that goes. I really like the yellow/green combination. The pattern is the Harvard Stripe Sweater from the book Knitting for Baby. I may have a problem with the sleeves though. When I did the decreases for the front they ended up longer than the 10" called for in the pattern. I just made the back a little longer to match the fronts. Now, in doing the sleeves I am worried that I won't have enough stitches to match the armholes. Not a huge deal if I don't - I can always take out the bind off and increase a few more times. But, I won't know until I start to seam. Anyway, I did it on size 4's and 6's, in a garter stitch. And, of course I still have to add the button band on the front and neck. I am hoping for sleeve No. 2 today as well as finishing the backstitching on Triangle.