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Friday, February 17, 2006


It doesn't take much to thrill me these days. My co-worker just got back from Acapulco and she brought me this great bag which will now hold my knitting stuff. I have a basket for ongoing projects so this will serve as the travel bag.

I always knew that you get more flies with honey but this week I proved it. I ordered business cards nearly a month ago from Office Max. They were only supposed to take 5-7 business days. Needless to say, 3 phone calls and 1 stop in later, they still weren't here. Finally, I got through to someone who cared about their job. He not only got them to me in 2 days but also gave me 20% off for my patience. If I had yelled and screamed at him, I likely wouldn't have gotten anything but a hard time the next time I went in.

I also had a problem with the florist this week. The flowers my husband sent for Valentine's Day had drooped by the next day. When I contacted the florist I found out that they had changed suppliers and had experienced a lot of problems with this particular rose. A new arrangment showed up yesterday with a card of apology and the arrangement is ever better than the one DH picked out. If I had been nasty to the clerk I probably would have just gotten a few roses tossed onto my front stoop.
First Flowers
Second Flowers

But, back to the happy stuff. I ventured to the LYS yesterday in search of a pattern for a bolero/shrug. Well, they didn't have much in the way of patterns but they did have this great sock yarn. I have been eyeing it for a while and finally broke down and purchased. While I was there I asked about the famed Eucalan and was told that they no longer carried it because it would just get lost in all the stuff they have there (amongst the books from the 1960's which are still for sale).
Isn't it pretty! I also picked up some of these...

In the world of dogs mine had its ups and downs yesterday. On Wednesday I was contacted that Annie, a former foster dog, had run away from home. She had run off into the woods with her leash trailing behind her. Her family had combed the woods all night long. Annie is special in that she has battled Demodex and its treatment for nearly a year. She also has a horrible flea allergy and was obviously abused at some point. Yesterday I drove over to their house with the plan of trapsing through the woods calling her name. I pulled into the driveway and could see the dogs were outside. As I walk up I realize that there are in fact 2 white heads staring at me. Annie was home! However, as I am standing there, one of those big white bodies hoists itself over the fence and comes running at me. Now, I am not the least bit afraid of dogs, but I have also never encountered a 110 pound dog protecting its home! I start telling Lacy to go home or else I am going to call her mom. I head to my car and call her mom who starts laughing at this whole scene and tells me that Lacy will in fact, go right back where she came from. I drive home thinking it is a good day. I have treasures, I have flowers, I have business cards and I still have time for the gym. Wouldn't last, wouldn't you know it. Another call that another Pyr has gone missing this time near a very busy road and without collar or tags. I put in calls to the necessary authorities and spend the night worrying that Manny has found his way on to a ranch and been shot (yep, they do that here). Today I contacted a matching agency and what do you know...a local vet who also has Pyrs has picked one up along the road and has him at his office. However, I can't go get this dog because...I have never seen him and won't know if it is in fact Manny. So, here I sit waiting for his foster mom to call.