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"Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica"

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

I'm in a triangle kind of mood

I finally did the stitching on Triangle last night. Oh my aching fingers! If you have ever tried to sew into felted fabric you know what I mean. Honestly, if we forced Sadam to do that he would give up Osama on the first pass through. Oh great, now someone from the NSA is going to read this and come looking for me. But, I digress (which I tend to do a lot these days). After stitching the top I realized that there was no way in hell I was stitching the straps as called for (oh, who am I kidding, I knew all along I wasn't going to do that). I really tried to make Mickey look like a flower and be of some use but it just wasn't cutting it; besides, that would have meant a lot more stitching for me. Instead I just used my little button and put it in the center of the bag so it would show up. Not too shabby even with the elf feet. After viewing Susan's the other night I realized just how badly I had screwed up the bottom. At 9:30 on a Sunday night I decided to try and make it right. I stitched up the corners the best I knew how (afterall, I don't sew!!!) and ran it through the wash for a 4th time. Fortunately it didn't shed any more fur because the bag was close to being bald! It did shrink a little more on the top but I blocked it on a shoebox to stretch it out. I think I will use it tomorrow!

So, I have been searching for a great baby hat pattern. Yep, easier said than done. Most patterns call for some sort of wool or are a frilly (or old ladyish) bonnet. Who are these people? Most babies are too sensitive for wool. Have they never heard of a baby being born in the summer? And, the "bonnet" idea is just too 1940's for me and most of my friends. This is for the 4th baby of a good friend. She doesn't have time to handwash baby clothes! This poor girl barely has time for a shower each day! Some days she actually lets her kids play in the mud puddles at the end of the street just so she can have a few minutes of peace and quiet. So, I have nixed the whole hat idea (and booties too because I have yet to find a child who will keep them on) and am making a few stuffed bears out of the leftover cotton yarn. Just so the older kids don't feel left out, they will get some larger bears out of scrap wool yarn and perhaps I will felt it. I have decided that this will be my Olympics project (unofficially). I will be seaming the sweater tomorrow since I am not working. I have to have daylight to see the stitches - yes, I know that bifocals are right around the corner.

Speaking of working. Have you ever noticed that just when you think you are doing a good job someone yells at you. Or, when you think you are royally screwing up, no one notices? Been that kind of week. You see, I am a secretary at a large engineering firm who happens to have the CEO from hell. I occasionally fill in for his assistant since she sits right across from me. I have been her helper for 2 years now. Anyway, she is on vacation this week and fortunately so is the Big Cheese. However, vacation has not stopped him from calling me 3x a day to ask "is anyone looking for me?". Let me stop and tell you something - NO ONE IS EVER LOOKING FOR HIM! He only gets calls when he makes them first! But I love the people who suddenly think they are important because they are asked to handle a task for the CEO. One lady has the job of setting out coffee on Friday morning and you would think she had been asked to serve coffee to the Pope!