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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Meet Pod!

Last night this guy surprised me with an Ipod for our anniversary. He has had one since they first came out but I never thought I would want one. Then, I joined the gym and started thinking that I might need one. I am not always able to get a treadmill or eliptical with the personal tv screen and if I am there in the afternoon, Dr. Phil, Oprah and Jerry Springer just don't help me to stay one - in fact, they make me wish I could fall off and get caught in the machine! Of course he has spent the day adding songs for me. I am a soundtrack junkie. Mostly 'cause I hate to listen to the same person for an hour but also because it gives me a chance to sample new kids on the block. I develoved a thing for Keith Urban thanks to the "How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days" soundtrack. I've never been a big country & western fan but lately I seem to like their songs. Maybe it is because a lot of what is played on the radio today is crap. Let's face it, guys like Aerosmith, Rolling Stones and Bon Jovi have to keep going just so guys like NSync can't take over the world. I'm still trying to figure out who told Brittany and Jessica they could sing :-)

In between playing games of Solitaire on my Ipod I did manage to do a little knitting. I finished off the hat that was supposed to go to Ms. Hannah. Ummm, it fits me. The pattern said it was for a newborn so I cast on more stitches to make it fit a 3 year old. I tried washing it to see if it would shrink but no go. So, I am giving it to a 21 year old girl (yes, the hat is really cute for any age) instead. If she doesn't like it she can pass it to her 16 year old sister. I have more of the pink yarn so I will make another one for Hanny and go smaller this time. The pattern is the Anna hat from Jimmy Beans Wool.

I am also making one in the same yellow yarn that was used for the baby sweater. I think it will make a cute hat for a little one.