Knotty Purls

"Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica"

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Blog is fixed

Somehow I screwed up my blog. Don't know how...didn't touch anything. Since work is a little slow today (ok, I am screwing around and not working) I decided to try and fix it. After copying all of my links and deleting the last post I reloaded the template. Turns out I didn't need to do all that! I just needed to make my photos smaller. Go figure. When I took out the photo of the baby sweater it all went right. Now I have to reload the photos from yesterday but will have to wait until I am home. Lesson learned!

Last night I finished sewing the last of the bears. Glad the Olympics are almost over 'cause I sure am bored with that project. I made this guy on smaller needles and he didn't felt as well. Since I was running low on yarn I made him a striped scarf. I did manage to get his ears to curl in though. Since his nose didn't felt much it is a little big for his face. These bears are truly unique!

While waiting for Sasha Cohen to FINALLY skate last night I cast on for a hat to make the sweater going to the 3 year old. The pattern is from Jimmy Beans Wool. It was written for a baby so I just cast on an extra 20 stitches so that it will fit a 3 year old head. It is such a cute pattern. I am doing it in Plymouth Encore since I don't think my friend is up for caring for the Lorna's Laces used in the pattern.