Knotty Purls

"Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica"

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Rain Rain Go Away

It has been very cold and rainy here for the weekend. While I realize that we need the rain, I am ready for it to move on. Plus, I doubt the drizzly stuff has had much affect on the water levels. Our house has one major flaw - they put carpet right up to the back door. It doesn't matter how many feet you have, it is going to get messy. We have tried extra rugs but our door is very well insulated and the seals go all the way to the floor. We have tried outside mats but they just get wet too. So, I have towels spread on the floor to try and catch at least some of the feet coming through. You see, my Annabelle is part pig. We always knew she was mixed and finally figured out it was PIG. When she was about 3 months old she figured out that water was a cool toy. There she was at 40 pounds, playing in her swimming pool when she realized that water should not be contained. She managed to pull up on the edge of the kiddie pool and dump all of the water onto the ground. She would then get her big brother and her foster brother to chase her all around the pile of mud. She stayed with a friend one weekend and managed to pull the plug out of their Little Tikes pool, spilling water all over the yard. Then, she got their two German Shepards to chase her through the mud, with the plug in her mouth. When we picked her up, she was black!!!!! Our friends had already bathed her the first two days but gave up after that. Thankfully it was a quick drive home. Our only girl is a tomboy and the two boys are prissy! Calvin hates getting his feet wet and Baxter likes to groomed. Go figure.

With all the yucky weather over the weekend I had time to do a lot of knitting. I finished bear No. 3 but I still need to stuff and sew him. I also made him a striped scarf. Then, I made a poncho for Caleigh's American Girl doll (although she has about 8 of them, so I guess I need to make more) and I dyed some yarn in Kool Aid and I think I will use that for doll sweaters.
The yarn is neat grape and ice blue colors. I am thinking of using them together actually. Oh, please excuse the ghetto fab-u-lus way of drying the yarn.