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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

You heard it here first....

Well, we have our marching orders. We are due to report to Langley AFB on 30 July but DH’s boss is pushing us back to 15 September due to a project at work. We are always looking forward to the new adventure but it is difficult to leave behind our friends and home that we love so much. The most difficult part is finding a new church, hairdresser and veterinarian. Everything else sort of falls into place. The people who say they miss the “good old days” before internet and email have never had to uproot their life and leave behind everyone they know.

I am back in the frog pond. The other day while home sick I decided to cast on a wrap for my 21-year old niece. I struggled with the perfect pattern and finally found Tie One On from Knitty. They did theirs in Kid Silk Haze but I chose Filature Di Crosa’s Diwa in a light blue shade. It is a fingerling weight but not mohair. Well, last night while trying to watch The Amazing Race I screwed up. I missed a whole row in the pattern. Tinking was not an option since it would have meant undoing some BO’s and YO’s. When I really looked at my piece, I realized I didn’t like the way the pattern was working out in this yarn. So, I frogged about 20 rows. I think I will resort to my old stand by, Clapotis. How can I go wrong? It is a young, hip, fashionable pattern. Not to mention easy! I think that I will make it a little narrower so that she can wear it more as a scarf than a shawl. She lives in Maine so it will get more than its fair share of wear.

I have more Diwa in a magenta shade to use for a shawl for her mom. I have searched all over for the right pattern. I found a few that are pretty but much more complicated than I am willing to do. I could do them and probably have it turn out very pretty but I’m just not up for the challenge. Therefore, I think I will wait until the Elann contest winners are posted and make one of their shawls. I know these women have designed something absolutely beautiful and user friendly. I also know they will be able to help with the pattern if I totally screw up.