Knotty Purls

"Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica"

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Editor's note on yesterday's post

I think I should add... I was really wishing that Tim Gunn had run off with the purses from Daniel's collection. I was hoping they were buried with Al Capone and never to be seen again. Good grief those were hideous!

The other day I mentioned to the Elann group that I had lost a swatch of Austermann Barkarole. How I lost the swatch I have no idea but it is gone. Just Plain Gone! Well, I am now thinking that I must have ghosts in my house who are stealing my stuff in a plot to drive me insane. I have now lost my sunglasses. They were on my head yesterday while I was doing yardwork and they were on my head when I came inside. So, where are they now? Likely in a logical place like the freezer, pantry or laundry room. I am sure that I will find all of my missing objects when I unpack at our next house. Happens every time!!! Of course, living in South Texas means you need shades every day. So, I have been driving around with bare eyes, squinting at the sun and now I can see some crows feet starting. YIKES! I told DH that I need to go purchase a new pair because it will be cheaper than the Botox.

In knitting news...I have just realized that the new baby is coming in 2 months and I am not done with the blanket. I did really well finishing the bears and sweater for her siblings but now I need to get cracking on the blanket. My shrug is coming along but I may end up strangling someone with the Inox needles. They are way to slippery for this yarn and they are rough around the join that keeps catching on the yarn. I fully intend to purchase new bamboo ones when the LYS has its sale next weekend. If they don't have decent size 4 needles, they may be the ones who get strangled with the Inox. I am half way through with the increase section of Clapotis and I think it is going to be just the right width for a hip 21 year old. Oh yes, her birthday is later this month and I am no where near done. Oh well, 21 is the perfect age to learn that you don't always get things when you want them. LOL! I still haven't learned that lesson ;-)

Great new find (and it's not knitting related)...Rosemary potato chips. We discovered them at the Costco this afternoon. They are quite yummy and I could see myself eating the whole bag.