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Friday, March 10, 2006

Friday Quote

Today you can go to a gas station and find the cash register open and the toilets locked. They must think toilet paper is worth more than money.
-- Joey Bishop

This one cracked me up because I remember going to gas stations and the bathroom was locked. Most of the time they were so filthy that it made you wonder why they bothered locking up. This was of course the 70's. Long before the days of nice convenience stores and full-service reststops along the highways. It was about the same time someone came up with the bright idea to put in pay toilets! Do you know how many times I would be doing the potty dance only to discover Momma had no dimes? Fortunately I was small and she would often make me crawl under the door. I guess she figured that some dirty knees was better than the alternative.

Knitting news...I have started another Clapotis and last night I swatched both the Luna and the Barkarole. I had already swatched the Barkarole once but have managed to lose the swatch. I am likely to find it when I unpack our crap at the next house. That always seems to happen. The Luna is going to become a shrug from IK Summer 2005. I am going to trim it in Karabella Roses. I swatched on the size 5 needles recommended but am short 2 stitches. Guess I will have to go to the size 4's. Only one only 4's are Inox. Using nice slippery needles is going to be hell on a shiny cotton yarn. I think I will start on them and then pick up some Bamboo at the Yarn Barn next weekend. Oh, yes, they are having a 25% off sale. There is only one catch - if it isn't on the floor they won't go find it in the back. I understand not wanting to take time to wind your yarn but if it means losing a sale... Oh well, their way of thinking doesn't compute with most of America anyway.

I have no idea what yarn I am going to buy. I need to be conservative since we will be making a house hunting trip in June. Plus, moving always costs us a fortune. Replacing all of DH's condiments is costly ;-)