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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Oh Derek!

I have been trying to watch Regis and Kelly this morning finally had to turn it off. The guest co-host is the chick who is dating Derek Jeter. I LOVE DEREK JETER! He is so beautiful! But, I am now very disappointed in him. After dating Mariah Carey I thought he would have developed a little more class. While this girl is attractive, she is also the host of MTV's TRL. Oh Please! Why can't these guys find a nice attractive Doctor, Lawyer or someone with a few additional brain cells. Honestly, this is no better than Johnny Damon who ditched his wife for the stripper.

Yesterday I stopped by the Sephora to look at new perfume and I was taken back to my younger years. In college, I worked the cosmetics counter at my local JC Penney. In my small town in Maine, JC Penney was the best store we had. Our competitors were Sears and Kmart. Anyway, I tried a new one by Cacharel and was reminded of my favorite perfume in high school, Anais Anais. I started thinking about how the hicks in my town would just slaughter the name of that perfume. I heard everything from Anay Anay to Anus Anus. This was a town that horded bottles of Jean Nate and Chantilly after all. And they couldn’t even get the Jean Nate correct. Most of the time it was Jean Natee. Chanel was another big challenge for them. As you probably guessed, it was always called Channel. So, if these were challenges, you can just imagine what Estee Lauder brought. I still have to correct my father on a regular basis – especially when he tells people he has a Movadado watch. Needless to say, I won’t be buying him Tag Heuer anytime soon.

I realize that I don’t write that much about my knitting. I guess it is because my knitting just isn’t all that exciting. You will never find technical instructions on how to make a fancy schmancy sweater here. Call me lazy but I prefer to have someone else do all that for me. I do knit though. Quite regularly as a matter of fact. I did manage to get through 6 straight row repeats on the Clapotis this weekend. I also did a few rows on the shrug but the yarn is killing me. And, knitting on size 4’s is just downright tedious. The yarn has a gorgeous drape and sheen but splits more than the ends of a Tennessee mullet. I have decided that I am done with the baby blanket. I just need to knit a few more rows on it to bring the pattern back to the border and then I will wash and send off. The baby sweater is still on the blocking boards and I hope to get to it this week. I do need to go buy buttons and decide what color to make the edge trim. Since the baby is a boy I may go with the light blue since it was only used sporadically in the sweater and sort of blended in. See, here are the pictures to prove that I do in fact knit.


Baby Sweater