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Thursday, March 16, 2006

To The Extreme

2 I must confess something to ya'll. When I do something, I do it all the way. No matter what it is. Crafts-I have a room filled with stamping, flower arranging, scrapbooking and now knitting items. I have not done the stamping, flower arranging or cross-stitch in 4 years but I still hold on; when I entertain, it is 5-star or nothing; bear collecting - again, I have rooms filled with bears. So, when I spend money, it is also to the extreme. I hate waiting for the things I want right now. This brings me to the sale at the Yarn Barn (no link, they don't have a website). Here are photos of my haul. The only yarn I actually purchased was the Blue Sky Alpaca in 2 different colors for a total of 8 skeins. If they would have had more I would have bought it (let's not get into why there wasn't more). These are 2 colors that are stash enhancing and will definitely be put to use - I hope before I get tired of knitting!

Doesn't he have the cutest face?

I also go to the extreme when I exercise. Not extreme sports mind you, I just don't know when to quit. I hate stretching because I want to get right down to it. Well, it paid me back today. I had to leave in the middle of my session on the eliptical because I had a charley horse in my ass. Yes, you read that correctly. I thought I could work through it but I decided to get off on my own before falling off and explaining to the very gorgeous guy who works there, that I could not walk due to a cramp in my ass! The laughter I got from my husband was enough to make me think about his reaction had he gotten the call from the gym! I did manage to walk most of it out and do the weights but it is back again. I do feel the only solution to this problem is for DH to order in some dinner, pour me some wine and let me finish off the Easter candy. Ok, I admit, I had a couple pieces of candy when I got home hoping it would take the edge off the pain. I am heading for the hard stuff though - Cadbury Eggs - Percoset for the soul!

My friend called on Monday to let me know the box of goodies had arrived and the bears were already making their way through the torture chamber known as the SOS kids. They are 6, 4 and 3! The sweater fits Miss H perfectly. Now that I have my new needles I can get to work on the shrug. I doubt I am going to be anywhere close to finishing the Clapotis by next Friday. Oh well, she is an understanding 21-year old. And, the new baby sweater can now be seamed as we know it is going to be a boy. Lots of work to do and not much time to do it. The realtor is coming tomorrow evening and I have to clean this sty, ooops, I mean house.

On the moving front... our lifestyle is going to be dramatically changed with that new mortgage. YIKES! The houses in the Hampton area are much smaller and higher in price - how can that be? Shouldn't you get what you pay for? DH's commander is trying to sell his place and it won't be available until summer. It is a decent size and built within the last decade. The price has just dropped to the higher end of our price range (much higher end!) and it is only minutes from base. We are having a friend do a drive by shooting this weekend. WITH A CAMERA!!!! Sheesh, we are not that kind of people!