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"Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica"

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Top Pals and Secret Chefs

I signed up for Secret Pal 8 today! I am very excited about this. It is so cool to meet new people from all across the world. I hope I get to spoil someone really cool. I kind of hope that I get someone who is NOT a yarn snob. It would be a great chance to turn someone to a yarn they have never used before or give them something they would not ordinarily buy for themself. Afterall, isn't that what gift giving is all about? If you haven't seen the results of SP7, check out Susan's blog.

Did you happen to catch Top Chef last night? I loved the part where they had to make an edible meal from the convenience store. The sign of a good chef is the ability to make a great meal out of very little. I love watching Steven's facial expressions - it is just like watching Andre on Project Runway. I don't really want him to win but I hope they keep him around just for the drama. Kandice nailed it on the head when she called him "a tool and a douchebag". I think Lee Ann is going to win. She is managing to fly under the radar - not winning or losing too many challenges. Runner up will probably be Tiffani as long as she doesn't have to cook for kids again!

That is it for today kids. DH is at a formal affair tonight so I have dinner, dish and dog duty. Annabelle is staring at me and grumbling which indicates that I am past due for the meal preparation. She is taking it out on Baxter's head! Oh, Baxter went to the vet today for his yearly exam and he had the best time. He was very intrigued by the whole sunroof idea! He is such a funny little guy.