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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

World's Worst Knitter

A while back Susan called herself the “World’s Worst Knitter”. Well, I am challenging her for that title. The other day I washed and blocked the baby sweater. This morning I went to check on things so that I could take the sweater with me to buy buttons and well...something was awry. Several rows of the red had started to bleed. It wasn’t like this on Sunday or Monday or even Tuesday-just today! It is mostly around the seams, sleeves and front. The back was fine. It is the strangest thing! So, I threw it into the wash with a color catcher (which I neglected to do the first time). It came out with the same little bleed and the color catcher was perfectly white. ARGH!

And, do you see these little cuties? Well, I had better hope that my child has one foot shorter and more fat that the other ‘cause that is the only way these socks are going to fit. I screwed up the ribbing on one round and it has caused the cuff to not pull in like the other. How I came up short is anyone’s guess. Oh well, he will likely only get to wear them once anyway.

The title of this post was supposed to be "Where's Waldo". The other day DH asked why I was knitting a Waldo shirt. After rolling my eyes around about a dozen times I informed him that the sweater is in Red Sox colors and not WALDO! M--E--N!

Sunday, May 28, 2006


Does anyone listen to Podcasts besides Janna and I? What are your favorites? I have started listening to some during my gym time. I usually only remember a few snippets but overall it is a great way to catch what events are happening, new yarn info and find different patterns. Heck, I found out about the World Cup Knitting by listening to a Podcast. Here are my favorite Podcasts: Knit Cast, Pixie Purls, Knitting News Cast, Musings of a Peaceful Knitter, Pointy Sticks. I think I will add a Podcast section on the right side of the blog since I had to take away the WIP section. Frankly, I had too much going on to maintain it, not to mention having to remember the HTML code for the pictures and links. It will be much easier to just maintain the FO’s.

The baby sweater was nearly together last night when I realized I didn’t have the sleeve even. Most times you can compensate in the armpit but not this time. It was so crooked that it made the whole sweater a little cockeyed. I was ripping the sleeve out at 10:00 last night. Note to self…do seams during the daylight hours. The sweater is now complete and is soaking as I write. I will block it in a little bit and still have to find some nifty buttons. I have now started on some little socks to match.

We hit the movie theater this weekend for Over The Hedge. It was just darling! I think Hammy is my favorite character. He is just so sweet and naïve and we share a love of cookies! DH and I both love animated films. We are just big kids at heart I guess. I have a tip for those who like to go to movies without their kids…if you are seeing a kid’s movie, don’t go on a Friday afternoon! There were only a few people in the theater but those that brought children seemed to have an aversion to discipline. One toddler (who was waaaaay to old to be drinking from a bottle) was crying so loud! The tantrum went on for 20 minutes before the film started and about 10 minutes into the film. I was about to go get a manager when the mother finally took the hint (probably from the 10 people who turned to stare at her) and left. Others just let their kids run wild. Since there was school that day I have to wonder where all these little creatures came from. Next up...Cars!

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Why do people have to be mean?

Let me just say that it takes a lot to offend me. I am on a couple of knitting lists and have finally decided to stop posting at one in particular (I’m not going to name names because I don’t think that accomplishes anything). I had thought about it a while ago but decided to give it one more try. You see, every time I post I get criticism and rude comments from one particular person. This poster has been rude to others in the past and has even driven other posters away. So, why hasn’t the list owner done anything—good question! I joined the list to get knitting tips and make new friends in the knitting community but trust me when I say the criticism far outweighs the help I have received. I don’t understand why this person feels the need to be rude to people she doesn’t even know, people who have never been anything but nice to her. She isn’t like this with everyone, just us select few. I suspect that if one were able to look deeply into her life there are some serious issues there and she takes it out on people who remind her of them. Maybe she is missing something that I have and she is jealous. Maybe my life reminds her of some past hurt that she has chosen not to deal with (I say that because there comes a time in our life when we make choices and can choose to overcome our issues or we choose to let them overcome us). Again, it takes a lot to make me mad. Normally I would just ignore her but frankly, I am too old to put up with being berated for each thing I write. I will still read the posts from time to time and I will email other posters privately when I feel the need but I won’t be posting on this list any longer.

So, while I am ranting…I was reading about bloggers who had been fired from their job because of what they posted on their blogs. While I am a huge advocate for employee rights I have to say that if you are terminated and you are not taking the proper channels for filing your grievance then perhaps you know you are in the wrong and there is more to your termination then you are telling the world wide web. I have read about several people and not one of them have sought legal counsel in this matter but instead have sought counsel from knitters, waitresses, bakers and candlestick makers. Jeez people – why on earth do you need to pose seductively in your work uniform? Is it the best outfit you own or what!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

So tired

Last night I fell asleep at 7:00 p.m. while knitting Charley finally kicked me upstairs around 9:00 or so where I half washed my face and sort of brushed my teeth and fell back into bed. That is the last I remember. I seriously have no idea why I was so tired. Maybe it was the hike in the heat with Susan and her munchkin. We had a little picnic yesterday and Boogie really wanted to take Baxter for a walk. Both Baxter and Boogie were ready to be carried by the end of the walk. Baxter slept all the way home and I practically had to drag him out of the truck!

I hit the motherload of a sale today! Foley's (now Macy's) was having a sale and I managed to find a bunch of kid stuff. I saved an extra 15% by using my Macy's card. They had some great adult stuff too but I tried not to get distracted. I really wanted to get some of the larger sizes but I have no idea what the Hampton weather will be like by the time we arrive. I know in Northern VA it could be either hot or cold by that time. I love sales!!!! I love to shop!!!!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


This post is to let you know I am still alive and am actually knitting! So, here is what is currently on the needles:

This is the Fiery Bolero for my SIL. It is just like my shrug, only in purple. The yarn is Elann's Luna which I picked up at the yarn swap. I have managed to screw it up already though. I cast on with the size 3 needles and got through the 9 rows of cabled cast on increases before I remembered that I was supposed to use size 4 needles. The size 3 is strictly for picking up the edge stitches. I'm not about to rip it out!

This is the Interlocking Balloon scarf for my "niece". The yarn is Elann's Highland Wool in Carmine Pink. The color is fantastic but I'm not thrilled with the pattern. It is a 42 row chart! I am constantly tinking! The pattern is from Scarf Style.

This is the back of a baby sweater. The yarn is Elann's Esprit and I am loving it. It has elastic with the cotton so it knits fabulously! The pattern is from Style Your Own Kid's Knits. The size is 3-6 months.

This is the Vintage Pink Sweater from Interweave. The yarn is Barkarole from Austerman. Before you all comment - I realize the yarn is not pink! I can't help that the designer gave it such a specific title!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Birds of a feather

Should not be inside the house. This morning DH put Annabelle outside and didn't close the backdoor. I heard her barking and went downstairs to put her back outside and as I was escorting her I said "take your wet feet and your critters outside". I always joke about her bringing in critters because she tends to get grass, twigs, tree limbs and bugs caught in the "feathers" on her hindquarters (as you can see in the photo).
Just as I escorted her out the door I heard a noise, looked up and realized that there was a bird sitting on the pans that were drying on the kitchen counter. How does one get a bird out of their kitchen? Very carefully! I walked toward him and said "go outside birdy". Then he flew into the living room and I promptly announced that if he pooped on my curtains I would let the dogs loose on his ass! Thankfully, Annabelle had not noticed her new friend, otherwise, it would have been chaos in my house. She didn't notice him until he flew outside and the look on her face was hilarious - hey, how did you get in my house!

We went to the New Parents class on base today. We had been taking bets that we would be the oldest people there and, well, we were! Military folks are exactly known for waiting to start families (hey, we have a job and a free house why not have 4 or 5 of them!). I actually knew most of the stuff the nurse told us but mostly it's 'cause I know how to read and I watch the news. The funny part...I walked in and the nurse asked our names, ages and due date. I announced that our baby was due June 15. One very pregnant lady says, "excuse me, when is your due date?". So, I say, "our baby is due June 15". At that point she looks like she might pass out because I'm looking pretty good for 9 months pregnant. I figured I would spare her feeling like a blimp and told her that we are adopting. Keep in mind, I never said that I was due, I said "our baby is due". Oh well, I still had all these 20 year old looking like they might want to kill me.

I finally started the Vintage Pink Cardigan, with my own measurements. Knitting the ribbing on size 2 needles nearly killed me. I am dreading the fact that I have to do it 2 more times. The yarn is Barkarole and is so soft and yummy to work with.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Something Died Inside My Head

Ohhhhh, I have the crud. Last week I started feeling bad and thought it was a combination of Aunt Flo and the in-laws but, as it turns out, something was crawling into my sinuses and camping out there. I woke up yesterday with a sore throat and by 5:00 yesterday I finally admitted that I was sick. I think DH believed me when I fell asleep on the sofa, at 7:00! He finally kicked me upstairs around 8:00. Before heading to bed I asked him to do 2 things for me. I awoke this morning to discover that not only had he NOT done them but DID do other things which created more work for me. Sigh. He was supposed to write a check and sign the contract for our attorney in Wisconsin – a little important dontcha think? He was supposed to put the rotisserie chicken in the fridge so that I could make broth for the dogs today – it’s still on the counter, breeding germs. He DID put up the curtains in the office and dining room, which I had to take down this morning because the contractors are not done painting the windowsills. I do love the man; I just hate his ADD!

Anyway, I managed to finish the Shetland Triangle Shawl while the out-laws were visiting. Mostly because it made me look busy so there would be less conversation. It blocked quite big which thrilled me but I am still glad that I put in 2 extra repeats. I thought I would share a conversation I had with MIL so that ya’ll will understand why they drive me insane.
MIL: I NEED to dry some clothes and I don’t see a place to hang them outside. YOU don’t have a clothesline!
K: Just hang them in the laundry room, they will dry in there.
MIL: (later) WHY did YOU turn off the dryer?

K: I didn’t. It turned itself off.

MIL: WHY would it turn itself off?

K: Because it does that at the end of a cycle.
MIL: What cycle?

K: Whatever cycle you set it on.

MIL: What cycle did I set it on?

K: I don’t know, I wasn’t in the laundry room when you started the dryer.

MIL: I didn’t set it on a cycle.
K: Well, you must have otherwise the dryer would not start.

K: (goes into laundry room to look at dryer) You have the dryer on the touchup so it only runs for a few minutes. This cycle is just for keeping clothes warm so they don’t wrinkle. You need to set it on the timer.
MIL: Where is the timer?

K: These numbers down here – 10, 20, 30 – that is the timer.

MIL: What do the numbers mean, I can’t see any numbers.
K: The big bold numbers that take up 3/4 of the dial. They correspond with how long you want the dryer to run.

MIL: How long do I want the dryer to run?
K: I don’t know. What are you drying?


K: (beating head on side of dryer hoping for death) Just pick one!

MIL: This is such a fancy dryer with all these buttons.

Keep in mind kids, this woman has a Master’s in Education for an Ivy League college! She also argued with me that a winner from American Idol had sung at their 4th of July festivities last year. She said that the woman was over 50 and overweight. When I informed her that it just wasn’t possible, she continued to argue with me. Turns out the woman who performed was Gretchen Wilson who a) never participated on American Idol; b) is not 50 years old; and c) is not overweight. And DH wonders why I wanted to work 3 days last week!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

New treasures

I love getting mail, especially when it comes in white Elann boxes. I ordered the Sonata and the Esprit based on the recommendations of all on the Elann chatsite. They have raved about these yarns forever so I just had to see what all the fuss was about. Not sure when I will use the yarn but... I also meant to order a dark blue to go with the red and white so that I could make a lovely patriotic baby sweater. Well, looks like we will be wearing two sweaters of different stripes instead.

These are the needles I purchased on Ebay last week. I got the whole kit and caboodle for $28 including shipping from Hong Kong. They are bamboo and come complete with a piece of sandpaper in case there are some rough spots. There is no way to get this many bamboo needles, from the LYS, for this price. I really only wanted the small size but it was worth it to get the whole set to have as backup.

I haven't had much knitting time this week. Mi Familia is in town and whenever I sit to knit I am bombarded with questions (every day is like a game of Jeopardy!) so I put the knitting aside. In addition, we have been so overwhelmed with paperwork, legalities and decisions that we just can't make right now that I haven't felt like knitting. For some it is a comfort but for me, sometimes the best comfort is a good movie that makes me laugh and doesn't overload my brain. And when I am stressed, I putter. I pick up around the house, I do laundry, I cook...anything to keep going and take my mind of the issue at hand. It is very hard to have pressing decisions that need to be made and not be able to talk to your spouse. We can't discuss things in front of his family because they would ask so many questions that I would forget the original discussion and just get more frustrated.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

More news...

Thanks to all who sent congrats on the baby news! We have had a couple of big hits this week and my head won’t stop spinning. We found out that Wisconsin is what is called an “agency state”, which means you have to hire an agency in that state to complete an adoption of a baby born there. We were prepared to handle birthmom’s legal costs but not this new agency. This also means that the baby has to stay in agency care until the birthmom’s rights are terminated. This can be anywhere from 2-30 days after birth, depending on how soon you get a court date. We could go to the state and stay there but would not have the baby; however, we could stay there for 30 days, visit our baby every day and then have the birthmother change her mind. Not sure we could handle that! In addition, we are not prepared to be away from home for 30 days. Our house is going up for sale on May 17. If we leave town, we will have to kennel our dogs so the house could be shown. My poor Calvin gets sick whenever he is kenneled. So, it has been a lot to consider and then try to figure out where we might have several thousand dollars stashed away. It is also frustrating to bring in another group of people to put your life under a microscope and ask you to pay them for it. We live in a city where people kill their kids at least once a week and yet a woman makes a decision to stop the cycle of poverty and abuse and all sorts of roadblocks pop up. Thankfully, our neighbors called Friday night with an offer of margaritas! I am very sad to be leaving these neighbors!

I have done a little knitting this week. I am doing another repeat on the shawl because it just doesn’t look long enough yet. I also frogged the Ruffles scarf because it wasn’t curling the way I wanted. I think my yarn may be too heavy. So, I am now doing the Balloon scarf from Scarf Style. It has a gigantic chart – ugh! The color is Carmine Pink Highland Wool from Elann. It is the perfect color for a 16 year old girl!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

I am dropping out of Secret Pal 8 because.....

we just found out that we will be adopting a baby in June. 6 weeks away as a matter of fact. We have been waiting for about 18 months and on Monday (as I was leaving Susan’s) I got a message that the agency had a birthmother situation to discuss with us. My cell was dying and I was driving so Charley called from home. They didn’t know when the girl would call as she didn’t have a phone but she was supposed to call their office on Thursday for information. Well, the next morning I got a call that she would be calling us after 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday night. She had just gotten a phone installed and called the office early. When she called, I was the only one on the phone with her; most birthmothers are not comfortable talking to the adoptive fathers. During our conversation she said that we were the only ones she was talking to and she chose us because we had everything ready. Out of my mouth came “oh, we’ve been ready for a while” but my head was going “oh, crap, we are even close to being ready”. A few minutes later it hit me that she was telling me she wanted us to raise her baby. Well, in typical girly fashion, I cried. I couldn’t help it. There was no quivering or slight tear. Nope, I just cried! My friend Melissa says the tears were a nice touch and she is pretty sure I rehearsed it.

We didn’t find out anything for sure until the next day. We are cautiously excited. I know people think we should be running around the block with a banner but we know the reality that lies in front of us. We will have many years of being excited so having that little knot in the pit of our stomachs for 6 weeks won’t make a difference. There are still mounds of paperwork to be signed. Most people don’t realize the legal aspect of adoption. In addition to following the laws of our state, we have to follow the laws of her state and an agreement called the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children. In addition, the birthmother is 1/4 Native American. This probably would not have been an issue if her father were not registered with a tribe. Now there are new laws involved and the tribe has the legal right to find a family or tribe member to adopt the baby and turn us down. On the good side, Wisconsin has no waiting period for termination of birthmother rights. Some states are up to 30 days!

Anyway, there is still a lot to do since we are also putting our house for sale in a week. The carpets are clean (for now) and the touch up painting has been done and everything left for repair is Charley’s domain. In the meantime I supposed I will be hitting the Babies R Us pretty hard. Oh, we don’t know the sex – long story short, she had a sonogram at 3 months and the Doc said “it looks like a boy but I’m not sure enough to put it down on paper”. We have had 3 completely separate friends have dreams that we had a boy. That means if it is a girl – we aren’t done. And, I really want to be done!!!!!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


I have decided to join the Self-Portrait Tuesday. I don’t know why…I normally don’t like photos of myself. Susan was a brave woman for posting the photo in her jammies, with the do-rag on her head and brushing her teeth – you won’t be seeing that here J I guess I thought of it because a friend mentioned a photo today and I immediately thought, “I should find that picture and post it on my blog”. The whole thing came up years ago when Cariann suggested we have an “ugliest childhood picture” contest within our office (back when I enjoyed both job and co-workers). While everyone laughed at my photo, it actually won the category of “can’t believe a mother would do that to her kid”. I think it is cute. Anyway, I don’t know when I will be registered with the gang at Self Portrait. Today is the first day of their new website and I suspect they will have quite a few folks signing up today. I also don’t know if I can find the photo and get it scanned in by tomorrow. Hopefully, it is not in the scrapbook I made for my dad. I promise though, you will be torn between saying “awwwww” and laughing your ass off.

On to knitting news. I have cast on for the Ruffles scarf from Scarf Style (not using links because finding anything on the interweave site is a PITA). I am using Highland Wool from Elann in the Carmine Pink. They yarn is just fab but I don’t think the pattern is turning out like the photo (now there’s a surprise, right!). I have finished all the repeats on the Shetland Triangle Shawl but it isn’t nearly long enough. I would have to do a lot of blocking to get it right. I think I will do one more repeat before moving on to the edge. The quest for needles goes on. I checked Ebay last night and thought I had struck gold. Someone in Hong Kong was selling 15 pairs of new bamboo needles! I bid and was winning up until the very last 5 minutes. This morning I searched and found the same company had a bunch more. I am currently the high bidder at $0.99 with a day to go. I plan on staying up until the bid closes tomorrow night so that I can’t possibly lose out. Several people on the Elann chatsite have purchased from this Hong Kong company and they are very pleased with their needles.