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"Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica"

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Top Chef Review

I am really hooked on this show! I am so glad that Miguel wasn't kicked off just because he was partnered with Andrea. I feel for anyone who is stuck with the person who cooks to "move your bowels". That's exactly why I eat ;-) I don't think she should have been brought back. I think they should have just scrapped the challenge after Cynthia left. Every episode I spend most of the time laughing at Stephen. He is such a moron who just so happens to have a big vocabulary. Unfortunately, no one told him to use discretion as to when to use his big words. I still think Lee Ann is going to take the prize - bets anyone?

We just spent a few days in Dallas watching the opening day of the Red Sox vs. Rangers. Two really good games with some beautiful weather. I think baseball is one of the few sports that attracts a variety of people. On one side we had the biker dude with his WAY too young girlfriend, and on the other a group of techie geeks who spent more time with their Blackberries than watching the game. You wouldn't find that variety at a NASCAR race! The games were not the same without Johnny Damon but the new guy, Coco Crisp is likely to be chocolatey delicious. I didn't do any knitting while gone because I was taken with my new book, Gone by Jonathan Kellerman. I didn't even get to a yarn shop. Does that make me a bad knitter?

I have been asked to make an editorial note to last week's post. Little Baxter is actually 70 pounds of snuggly fun. He is called Baby Baxter because he is the youngest and smallest of our group. While we were gone, he went to my friend Robin's house. He had so much fun! He spent his whole time running around with Tally, a special needs Pyr. He is so tired now that he has been sleeping since last night and has been running in his sleep. And, he needs a serious hosing down.