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Sunday, September 24, 2006

It could only happen to me!

Have you ever had a day where crazy seems to surround you? Mine is today and, well, it is only half over. This afternoon Big Boy headed to a sports bar to watch football so I headed to a coffee shop intending to tell y'all about my stash enhancement. When I got out of the car I was greeted by a gigantic Boxer whose whole body shook with excitement as I petted her. But, that isn't the crazy part. I set up my laptop and went over to the counter three feet away to order my lunch. There were a bunch of people in line in front of the register. At least I thought they were in line. After a few minutes a guy in front of my says "are you in line?". I say yes and "I thought you were as well since you were in front of the register". Apparently his European friends do not understand the concept of standing in line. They should watch this movie. Finally, I place my order and head the three feet back to my table where what should I see but...FOUR PEOPLE GATHERED AROUND MY LAPTOP! Here is the conversation (I'd act it out if I could!):

Crazy Woman: Oh hello. Do you mind that we are looking at your iBook?
Me: UH....
CW: It is jut the neatest thing.
***I need to interject comment here. I own a six year old iBook so I know it is not "neat". So, at this point I am thinking that she has been living under a rock or on a commune. We have a desktop that is nice and new but keep this one for Big Boy's travels.
Me: UH.....
CW: Is that a battery charger?
Me: UH.... What?
CW: That thing.
Me: It is just a plug that goes into the wall.
CW: But what is the round thing?
Me: UH..... that is the cord that goes into the computer but it is very long so Apple makes this little round thing that winds it up and it comes apart from the plug for easier travel since that is usually what you do with a laptop.
CW: Oh WOW! How neat is that!
*****At this point I notice her two children seem to be trying to ignore her (understandable). She and her equally nosy friend just turn and walk out the door.
Me: UH.....

So, I sit down and sort of hope that the photo of naked men my friend Angela sent me has popped up 'cause that would have served them right!

But, the crazy does not end there. Several minutes later my order is called and I go to the counter to collect my egg salad samich. There are two men standing there and here is the conversation that ensued (again, I wish I could act it out):

Crazy European Man: Are you number 1027?
Me: Yes. Oh, there is my samich.
CEM: But, are you number 1027?
Me: UH.... yes, I am. That is my samich.
CEM: But, are you number 1027?
****At this stage I think I must be on Candid Camera so I stop and stare at him for a second.
Me: Yes, I told you I am number 1027! This is my samich. (In my head I was thinking LOOK JACKOFF DON'T STAND IN THE WAY OF A HUNGRY WOMAN WITH PMS!)
CEM: Oh, that is your sandwich.
****Then he storms off to find his friends to find out what number they are because since they ordered after me it was only logical that their orders be up before mine!

I think I should go back to my room and fondle my yarn - it is SANE!

Speaking of stash enhancement...I went to Knitting Sisters yesterday because my shrug pattern was confusing me. Since I had a bootleg copy I thought maybe something was missing. A very nice lady worked through it with me (I think) and then asked if I could help them with their shrug pattern since I mentioned that I had made several in the past. Theirs was way beyond anything I could visualize and I suggested they check online for erratta! Well, guilt does me in every time. Since the nice lady helped me with a pattern I didn't pay for that I am making from yarn from another company, I felt obligated to buy something. I ended up with a skein of Cotton Fleece, in a blue; two balls of Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino, in a blue; a Baby Cashmerino book and size 3 DPN's because mine are currently in storage. Like I need another project. I still have to block and seam the Krista T; finish the Here and There Cables scarf for Christmas; finish the Noro Shrug; and finish the hand towel from M-D (although that is not top on my list 'cause the yarn sucks).

One of these days I will get around to posting photos again. It is tough sharing a computer with a man who is addicted to it.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Snowsuit Disaster Averted!

My friend Melissa always knows the most economical way out of a situation! She suggested the car seat boot. It will last all winter and one size fits all! I remember trying to get nieces and nephews into snowsuits and the screaming fits it created. The kids screamed, the mom screamed - the only one not screaming was the dog 'cause he was hiding! With the little boot they are warm and can still move around. Now I just need to make some little hats and mittens to get us out of Nebraska and we will be good. BTW, the average temp in Nebraska in November is a whopping 45 degrees. Do they make those boots in adult size? I will definitely get to use Eileen's scarf!

We checked out the Williamsburg outlets today and I am happy to announce that Big Boy purchased two new pairs of shoes. Count them...TWO! I'm not sure he has purchased two pairs in our whole marriage. I managed to steer him away from his traditional docksiders to a pair of cool slip on, driving style shoes. GQ here he comes!

Of course I also drug him to every kid's store in the mall. The stuff was just too cute to pass up. Even Big Boy picked up a sweater but it was too big. Long ago Big Boy decided that any clothing purchases would be left up to me and he would handle all things sporting equipment related (heaven knows I was not looking forward to the jock strap adventure). Anyway, we came away with some stuff from Oshkosh and Carter's. I've noticed a lot of people selling kid's clothes on Ebay and figure that the Oshkosh stuff will hold up well enough to sell later on.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Macy's Picked Up Some Road Kill and Is Selling It As A Scarf!

I finally got over to the mall and was running through Macy's when something stopped me in my tracks (dangerous since I was heading to the ladies room!). I wanted to touch it but I was scared! I think it was a scarf. I'm not really sure. It was curly and dipped in some sort of dye and was in the accessories department. Checking the price would have meant touching it and like I said, I was scared. And here I had been so thankful that fun fur was dead! I tried to find the little gem online but apparently Macy's does not want the whole world to know it has gone crazy so it is just putting it in select stores. Next time, I'll take the camera.

You know your friends truly love you when they put up with your insanity. Here is a sample conversation:

Melissa: Hello
Me: Do I need a snowsuit?
Melissa: Um, for this weekend at the beach? It isn't going to be that cold.
Me: Not for me!
Melissa: Oh, for the baby? It doesn't get THAT cold in your area. Oh wait, you might need it to leave Nebraska. Here is what you buy instead......
Me: I don't know how to buy winter baby clothes. Do they have stores where I don't have to pay $50 for something that will fit in my purse?

In San Antonio I could buy a pair of shorts and the child could wear them anytime from April until December. Not to mention, someone was always having a cool sale. The only things on sale here are shorts and they will not work in December here. There were so many cute little sweaters but they were like $50! I know, just put the kid in the sleepers all day. But, that isn't me. I don't wear my jammies all day and I don't want my child to spend his life in them either. Most of the real clothes do not even come in the little sizes. If only I could afford the Gap Baby stuff - it is very cute!

I haven't accomplished much in the knitting department. Our little sofa is very uncomfortable for knitting so I only do a few rows per night. I have finished three repeats of the hand towel. I hope the Euroflax fluffs up with water because right now mine looks nothing like the picture. I went down to a size three needle and it is still very loose. Tip on knitting with Euroflax - do not use a metal needle! I am using Bamboo and it is still slipping right off the needle.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Big news!

Since I let the cat out of the bag with my knitting group in San Antonio I figured I should let it out here as well. During our trip we were contacted that another birthmother would like for us to adopt her baby. We had talked with this girl about a month prior to leaving but knew she was talking with other families so we had assumed she had chosen someone else. We thought that knowing we were moving and would be in a state of upheaval for some time probably turned her off. Quite the opposite - she thinks we have a very exciting life! Ok, that one makes me laugh because we are really boring except this time every three years or so. It's funny, the agency had always told us to make sure we were in a quiet area when talking to a birthmother and not to ask too many personal questions, etc. Well, the first time we talked the dogs were barking and every time after that I've had F-16's flying overhead. I've asked all the questions I wanted to ask and really didn't do anything to try and impress this girl - I was my same goofball self to the point of Big Boy shaking his head in horror.

Anyway, the baby is due November 24 - the day after Thanksgiving. It is going to be a boy. For my Texas friends - you can't get rid of me that easily. We will be coming to Texas right after the birth to do an expedited finalization with the courts. Our new state (of which we are not residents!) is not adoption friendly and we would have had to redo all the legal stuff we had just updated last month, to the tune of about $3000. On top of that we would have needed attorneys in three states. Going this route we will be spending some time away from home and spending a little more money but worth it to be free of the additional stress and frustration. I figure our little hairball will be well traveled and have the ability to sleep anywhere after this - that's a good thing! My parents are talking about coming for Christmas but the proof is in the pudding (that is a long story for another post).

We are moving to the log cabin next week so we can have the dogs with us. But, per our usual of late, it isn't that simple. The cabins are sold out on Saturday nights so we have to move to another hotel for the two Saturdays. We found one online that I believe should be called the "no tell motel". I don't normally treat for fleas because it has never been an issue before but I think the guys will get a preventative before we go there! Our house is not available until October 13 and we will have a few days of painting before the furniture arrives and then we will drive up to get Baby Baxter on the 17th. I miss my snuggler a whole bunch but he is quite happy where he is. Apparently he has learned how to stand in the bucket when getting a drink and that rain is fun to play in.

I love Big Boy to death but I am looking forward to him heading back to work. This 24/7 stuff is a little annoying. It is different when it is vacation but THIS is not vacation! I am very organized and he is... well... not. At least he bought some foot powder!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

S is for Sea and SAND

This morning we took a drive down to VA Beach to check out the lodging at Ft. Story. We decided to look for the swimming beach and found an open gate. As we headed over the dunes we noticed this strange looking thing on the beach and it had a twin. It was an amphibious hovercraft! Two of them! The Navy guys invited us on board and told us all about this way cool machine. Turns out, they were waiting for four smaller hovercrafts to come over from a Danish cargo ship and then they were going to head up from Ft. Story to Little Creek Amphibious Base. We got out our lawn chairs and watched this whole show! They were also taping this exercise with a helicopter so we will likely be in someone's training video. Between the boats and the helicopter, I'll be washing sand from my hair for days! Unfortunately, all of the photos were taken with my PDA and I can only download them to our desktop computer. I will have to post them as soon as we are settled.

We put an offer on a house and they have counteroffered. We are now waiting to hear about a definite closing date. We have asked for October 13 so everyone cross their fingers. Ft. Story has wonderful log cabins and bungalows that allow pets so we are considering moving over there with our two beasts. The only down side is the "basic cable" that is offered-how will I get my Project Runway finale? The other down side is the full bed that we will have to sleep in. However, we would have a full kitchen and a porch swing and be just three miles from the beaches. We are trying to decide when we will move over there. Suzann, I may be hitting you up for some knitting company.

Speaking of Project Runway... if you don't listen to the podcasts, you really should. Tim Gunn gives a fantastic back stage view of the show. He has quite the disdain for Vincent! His podcasts make me laugh out loud!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

R is for Ripit Ripit

This afternoon I sat down to work on my hand towel from Mason-Dixon and found a huge mistake. I started this towel many months ago and then set it aside in favor of more pressing gifts. I was about six rows in when I set it down. So, last night I reread the instructions and clearly read "moss stitch border" but somehow that translated to "garter stitch border" in my pea sized brain. I was an additional 12 rows in when I realized the mistake and my side borders were two different patterns. So, a frogging I went. I have to say, the Euroflax frogs nicely. This is not a project to be done in the company of others. Last night at SnB I was trying to count and listen at the same time and ended up tinking every row I started.

Here is my other boo-boo. Can you tell that the pattern does not match up on the shoulders? The pattern did not specify to bind off keeping the stitch pattern. Maybe it did but since I have this reading/translation challenge I just didn't get it.

We have finally settled on a house and will be making an offer this afternoon. Here are photos of the front and back of the house.
It has great landscaping; it just needs a fence for my critters. The inside has three bedrooms and two and a half baths. It needs a little work on the inside - paint mostly since the guest room is electric blue and the guest bath is mint green. We will also need to replace blinds because the current owner has vertical, cloth blinds and those will not work with the kids. There is no way possible to keep them clean!

I might try to go to the LYS tomorrow. It isn't far from Williamsburg Pottery and I like going there to poke around. Don't worry, I'm not going all Holly Hobby! Now what should I do with Big Boy?

Monday, September 11, 2006

Happy Birtday to Me!

Today is my birtday! Yes, I know it is a day of national tragedy but for 32 years prior, it was my birthday so I celebrate. No, I do not have a typo - several years ago my friend Melissa was making a cake to bring to work. She called me at 10:00 p.m. to ask if I minded a ghetto cake. She made me an adorable bear cake and misspelled "birthday". I didn't really care - I'm all about the cake and not the writing! Since then, we have celebrated "birtdays" instead of "birthdays". I think we will go out to dinner tonight. We usually go for a nice steak. Mmmmmm, steak :-) Presents will have to wait until the house sells but Big Boy has agreed to let me have a massage. Personally, I think he is tired of the Icy Hot smell in the room so he is willing to spring for the massage!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

What day is it?

Seriously, I got up this morning and didn't know the date. Something popped up on my computer that said September 10 and I doubled checked because I didn't believe it. This week has been so crazy hectic that I have totally lost track of time. We spent two days looking at houses and have narrowed the search to two. We took a break yesterday and went up to the Farmer's Market in Williamsburg. My Baxter would have loved it! We did see a 9-month old Pyr named Bella, whose family didn't seem terribly eager to talk to us . We didn't buy any fresh vegatables because I am not cooking in our little room!

This is one of the houses we are considering. Each house has pros and cons. They are two different prices in two different areas. This house is a nice area but a long drive for Big Boy. It is also in a harder sell neighborhood but it is brand spanking new and has a great floor plan. The other is a resale in a neighborhood that didn't really impress us but will be an easier resell in three years. It has fewer rooms than our current house so we are trying to figure out where we would put our crap. Oh, I mean Big Boy's stuff. Plus, I will have to do a little painting to make it all match our furniture.

I thought you might like to see one of the houses we turned down. The floor plan was fantastic but they would have to paint the entire inside of the house because there is no way to spackle ALL of the nail holes. If you are the owner of this house and you are reading this blog, YOU NEED HELP! It looks like the Cracker Barrel exploded in this house. These few pictures only cover a portion - the whole house was like this. Our realtor was told the owner had been cleaning out! The garage was packed full and then we found the shed in the back. Look closely, you can see that it is filled to the tops of these windows.

For some reason I just can't get into my knitting. During our drive, I started on a terrible book but felt the need to finish it once we arrived. I did manage to finish the front and back of the Krista T and I have started the sleeves. I am a little upset with it though. It is a lace pattern and because of the decreases around the neck and armholes the lace doesn't quite match up on the shoulders. I don't know if I should rip back on the back shoulders and adjust or just keep going hoping no one will notice. The pattern was not very clear about whether or not to stay in pattern when doing the bind off/decreases for the armholes. I plan on going to the new SnB on Wednesday and hopefully someone there can provide some sage advice. I also need to figure out how to make the neck edge lie flat. Maybe with a little starch? The other thing is the location of knitting. The sofa in our TLF room is very uncomfy and covered in some waterproof material. The only way to be remotely comfy is to lie down which doesn't work with knitting. The bed is more comfy but dark and away from the tv. I have also been so tired that when I have the time, I just take a nap. One of these days, life will be normal again!

I promise today I will read and comment on the blogs. Dial up has made blogging and reading quite painful. This afternoon Big Boy is out watching his fooosball so I am hanging at Panera tapping into their WiFi.

I will leave my Texas friends with this little tease - the weather is in the 70's/80's here and I have been able to use my sunroof and open all the windows!! We've even been able to eat outside and today we took a walk and didn't work up a sweat - except I got some nature on me!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Day Four, Five...

The days have sort of all blurred into one so I am putting it all in one post. We spent last night in Durham, North Carolina in a little Best Western that reminded me of the hotels we stayed in when I was a kid. I guess then they were called Motor Lodges.

Initially I thought the only thing I could blog about were trees, but then I saw the sign for the Cafe Risque. And, several miles later we saw about 20 signs. Not just signs; gigantic billboards. Apparently the truckers would not be drawn by the first sign that said "Topless Cafe" so they had to attrack them with many more. Including signs that said "couples welcome" and "great food". When we stopped for lunch at Panera in Charlotte I asked Charley if he would have rather stopped at the Cafe Risque. He knew the correct answer was NO. I also called my friend, Melissa, to let her know that I was passing the Dale Earnhardt Blvd. What I forgot to mention was the car carrier loaded with NASCAR cars. I am sure they were some sort of show replicas because the real guys are well protected inside a trailer. Tony Stewart was right on top. Sorry Cariann, I didn't see Jeff's.

Anyway, we are here. We got in this afternoon and dropped the dogs at their very own hotel. Note to self...never again walk the dogs back to their kennel. Annabelle refused to get in so I had to go in the kennel so she would follow me. Then, I had to jump out while the technician shut the door quickly. It is a nice little vet clinic and the vets went to Auburn and Texas A&M, same as our last vets so we feel good. We drove around a little but then found we were so tired that we couldn't even read the map so we decided to find our way back to base. Um, yeah, base. Well, I think our little TLF (Temporary Lodging Facility) may have been built in the Depression Era. Frankly, it is DEPRESSING! Lackland was a palace compared to this place. Big Boy is talking about moving out after our free 10 days and moving to a hotel and paying the higher price. Since I live with Mr. Practical, that should tell you a lot. We were too tired to handle the commissary AND the BX so we just went to Wallyworld to get some supplies. Did you know that Wally does not sell alcohol? Did you know that Wally does not discriminate in its customer base? Trust me, the average Wally customer is looking for alcohol and not caring that they are "family friendly". Sadly, there is only one Tar-gey in town and I have yet to find it.

So, I am in the car, rambling about nothing, trying to stay awake, while looking for the Class Six (base liquor store), so I can have some wine, and I mention that tonight is Project Runway and they best have Bravo on the base cable, and Big Boy mentions that tv doesn't start until 8:00 here so I will have to stay awake until 10:00 in order to catch my PR. Seriously, it would have been better if he had just slapped me! Did I mention that our little room does not have internet? We are using dial up!!!!!!!! Did I mention that the only tv is in the living room with a very stiff pull-out couch that is covered in some sort of water repellent material? Lackland had a tv in the bedroom too. I am slowly mounting my case for returning (He He He!).

Well, kids, that is all for tonight. I apologize if this is not grammatically correct. My body is operating on autopilot and just hanging on until the laundry is done. Or until the wine is all gone. We are going house hunting tomorrow. Yes, we still own our last house! I have agreed to go back to work if it does not sell soon. Of course, I will likely quit the day the ink is dry on the contract :-)

Oh, Big Boy would like you all to know that he has changed his shorts and will be wearing his sandals tomorrow so we can work on that monkey smell in his docksiders! Now, where is that can of Lysol Neutra Air.....

Monday, September 04, 2006

It's All Lies!

First off, I have had a few pairs of Docksiders in the years that we have been married. They are a little stinky, and is probably time for some new ones.

Also, I may have worn the same shorts for a couple of days while traveling, but I am not alone! ;-) Remember, I have to ride with the two pups who still have that "kennel fresh scent".

At least the part about the Rednecks was 100% true.....

Big Boy

Day Three

What trip through the south would be complete without a true redneck story? We have landed in Montgomery, Alabama. So far it is everything I have heard about and I dread the thought that we could eventually be stationed here. Tonight we discovered that there is a Panera Bread down the road. We load up the dogs and head down for a delicious meal, outside (it is cool enough here!). We are parked at a red light and in the truck next to us a lady is motioning for Big Boy to put down his window. He is way more sweet and trusting than I! The lady holds up $40 and asks if she can use it at the dog track. HUH? I start laughing and Big Boy is shaking his head. She then says "haven'tcha ever been to the dog track, can I use this money?". His response, "nope, we just own them!". He puts up his window, sees me wiping my eyes and says "are you going to put this on your blog?". OF COURSE! I was pleased to see that this woman had $40 but I really think she could have spent it on something better than the dog track; like teeth for starters!

We get back into our hotel and Big Boy turns on the television to what he assumes is an episode of COPS. Remember, we are fascinated by COPS. Well, it was a cops and robbers show but not the COPS we know and love. It was, in fact, Montgomery Police Department. Yep, they are so darn proud of their crime that they have created their own show!

While I am happy to see green again, I'd rather not see so many miles of it. Nothing. But. Trees. Amy asked if I was taking pictures along the way. Honestly, there hasn't been time nor has there been anything to photograph except abandoned cars on the highway. Oh, I have discovered the source of the monkey smell. It is my husband's shoes. I informed him tonight that once we arrive at our final destination we will be buying him some new shoes. He is wearing some docksiders that I think were purchased before we got married nearly 10 years ago. IT IS TIME!

Tomorrow is a long day. We will drive about 10 hours to get to Durham, North Carolina. But, Tuesday will only be about three hours which will give us the afternoon to drop off puppies, buy some food and do a little laundry. Oh, did anyone happen to catch the Dirty Jobs marathon on Discovery today. One episode features shearing an Alpaca and spinning the yarn.

Day Two

Welcome to Hammond, Louisiana. To the great state of Louisiana, I have have two words for you ROAD WORK! I spent most of the afternoon car sick (which I never get!) due to the crappy roads along I-10. I had to stop because the roads shook my bladder loose. Seriously, if I had coughed a body part would have popped out.

When we walked the dogs last night we explored the grassy area by the pool. There were several kids playing in the pool who apparently had not spent quality time in a grammar class. "Look at them thar dogs"! "Them dogs is back again"! Big Boy went to the front desk last night to ask about local restaurants and walked away shaking his head. The girl at the desk was trying to help, but just couldn't. Apparently she had no clue that there was a Chili's, Applebees, and Cracker Barrel one street over. For those of you who hate the chain restaurants, you obviously have never traveled to towns where the closest thing is a convenient store and a diner that appears closed! After passing a bunch of dives and nasty bathrooms, you will bow down and kiss that Cracker Barrel!

The dogs are holding up. Calvin enjoys peeing on so many different trees. They don't like it when one of use leaves the hotel room though. Baxter is helping my friend with her pet sitting business. He and his girlfriend Cydney go in the truck every morning. They also eat and sleep together. He has learned to stand in the water bucket while drinking and then run around in the mud. We have created a monster!!!!

On a sad note, Steve Irwin died. I loved watching that lunatic. Now who will teach us about the Mighty Croc :-(

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Day One

I thought I would bring ya'll along on our little trip.

Saturday, September 2, 2006. We are up early. Lots to do this morning. Charley heads out to weigh the truck while I shower. We then go to our house to transfer luggage to my car and then go get the dogs from the Palms Pet Resort. Hi mom and dad, nice to see you, let's go. Annabelle gave us each a little love and then headed for the front door! Back to the house for a final inspection with the realtors to discuss painting my purple dining room. Charley heads out to weigh the car while I spend time with the neighbors, trying not to cry. Finally, it is time to say goodbye to the Martinez clan. I spot tears in Big Boy's eyes so I know we really are leaving home. I get my box of Puffs (one of the first things packed!) and cry to Schulenberg - our pit stop. We spot a grassy area between to smokehouses (Schulenberg is the beef jerky capital of the world) to walk the dogs. Calvin tries to eat a kitty! Then, it is off to Baytown, Texas. We stop at our lovely La Qunita Inn. Kim, I thought of you when I walked in! Actually, the carpets aren't that bad but the tub has me contemplating wearing my flip flops! Oh well, it has a nice grassy area for two big dogs and we aren't likely to get kicked out if they bark. I checked for bugs and hairs in the bed and all was clean. Not sure if the monkey smell was here when we landed or if Calvin and Annabelle brought it with them. At least there is a Starbucks next door. A nice Starbucks at that! Large, with sofas and comfy chairs. We sort of look like the Beverly Hillbillies or maybe it is more like Green Acres. Me and my bling, driving a Volvo, drinking Starbucks, walking two big smelly dogs. Our cars are filled to the brim. I would like to make a side note that Big Boy has packed more clothes than me. Seriously. He brought every uniform he owns and he doesn't even plan on working until October. Our travel bag is filled with his stuff. The best part. I'm pretty sure he has worn the same shorts since last Sunday!

Well, we are off on Day Two of our little crazy trip. We will head to Hammond, Louisianna to stay in the finest Best Western in town. Yee Haw! My knitting friends, I will join you in spirit at 4:00 today. I'll keep my Puffs close by! Love You Mean It :-)